West Sussex Bootcamp Instructor challenges you to change your life in 3 seconds

This is another of my “Ads that are awesome” series. We’ve already seen from Nike and Reebok, and this one’s another from the people that brought us the genius that is “Belly’s Gonna Getcha!”

First of all, check this video out, then I’ll tell you how you can use it to get to any fitness goal!


This advert isn’t just hilarious, but it highlights a very genuine and massive obstacle standing between you and your goals.

Taking the first step.

Or in other words, just getting the hell up! 🙂

You see, apathy breeds more apathy. The longer you sit there, the harder it is to get up and do something that’ll get you closer to your goals.

And the longer you think about getting up, the more likely you are to talk yourself out of it!

So how do you fix it? Follow the 3-second rule.

It’s not just for fast food restaurants. (An ex-girlfriend of mine used to work at a massively popular international fast food chain, and explained that when the meat’s hit the floor as long as you pick it up within 3 seconds, it still goes on the grill and into a customer’s mouth. It’s actually the first time I’d heard about the 3-second rule!

Who’d have thought you could learn about getting in shape from fast food?)

So anyway, when you decide to workout, or if you have a scheduled workout that you’re thinking about sacking off, you’ve got 3 seconds to come up with a legitimate reason not to do it.

“Dog’s eaten my trainers” doesn’t count!

If you can’t come up with a legitimate reason to blow it off and stay on your arse, you have to get up and get the job done.

Make a contract with yourself starting now.

And while we’re at it, what’s the lamest excuse you can think of to skip a workout? Comment below!

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