Worthing and Sussex Weight Loss Coach explains what exercise really does and why you’re doing it wrong!

Exercise is possibly the most misunderstood part of getting in shape. If someone needs to lose weight, what’s the first thing they do?


Look out of your window on New Years Day. What do you see?

Runners. Tonnes of them!

Why? Because we need to burn calories to lose weight. Problem is, three weeks later 7 million of those runners have hung up their trainers because they’re not getting the results they want.

The reason for that is that if you’re doing exercise as a means to burn calories to get the fat off, you’ve already failed.

You’ll need to rack up HOURS of exercise to burn just ONE measly pound of fat!

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a job, a family, a social life. I don’t have several hours a day to exercise just to burn off one little pound.

So check out this video and I’ll explain the problem with exercising to burn calories, why despite putting in the hours you still can’t shift that stubborn belly flab, and how you should be exercising if you want to have any hope of changing your shape!


And don’t worry, I’ll also break down exactly how to fix the problem, and how to get the fat burners working for you again!

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