5 Things lean, fit people do that you don’t! Worthing Weight Loss

Quick one for you today! The unusually tropical weather seems to have put people into panic mode when it comes to ditching the flab. So here’s 5 things that the people who are in shape do that you can put into practice quickly and simply: 

  • They use the “Help-hurt” rule to make decisions. If you’re walking past a bakery and getting drawn in by the smell, or you find some forgotten junk food in your kids school bag that you might just finish off for them, think, “Will this hurt or help my goal of stripping the fat?” You’ll immediately know whether to put it in your mouth or just let it pass you by.

  • They’re always tracking something. Whether it’s the calories they’re eating, how much sleep their getting, how much water they’re drinking. You can bet the more stuff they’re keeping track of, the better shape they’re in. You can’t manage what you’re not tracking!

  • They have one trainer, not several. Professional physique models, actors, etc. all have a coach. If they’re training for a deadline, imagine the mess they’d be in if they hired 10 coaches all giving them different advice from different directions? The fact is, there’s tonnes of conflicting advice in the fitness world. Open any magazine and you’ll see that immediately. It’ll take no time at all before you just suffer from analysis paralysis and your focus will be blurred. So find a source that can get you to your goal, and stick with it!

  • They treat their training like a scheduled part of their day. If it’s a training day, you go train. For example, people who are in our Worthing Bootcamp call it their “3rd place”. However they don’t  just come here because they enjoy the socialising, the motivation, and the unrivalled results, or even the fact that the other campers will rib them if they don’t turn up! They just get up, go to bootcamp, go to work. They don’t think about it, it’s routine like cleaning their teeth. Wherever you train, however you train, make it part of your schedule that day.

  • They’re always training for “Something”. It might be a film if you’re a Hollywood star, or a photoshoot if you’re a figure model. It doesn’t matter what it is, they have a specific date and time they need to look their best. For you it might be a holiday. Again, it doesn’t matter what it is, but you should have a date in big red letters on your calendar where you need to be in your personal best shape. One of the biggest tips I tell people is book a photo shoot 3 months after they start their journey. If you know you’ll be stripping down to your bathing suit and having your picture taken whether you’re in shape or not, you’ll make sure you get in shape!

So how many of those can you tick off?

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