Worthing Indoor Bootcamp trainer gets sweaty on the beach!

We’ve had some cracking weather, so as a treat, I thought I’d get down on the beach and video a quick, intense fat busting, muscle sculpting workout you can do.

I’ve just come back from the beach in Goring where we were getting some last minute video and photos for the next issue of Power Living Magazine. I say next issue, but really this is the first of a whole new magazine. We don’t just whip you into kick ass shape any more, oh no, we now cover every aspect of your lifestlye. As well as me, your friendly neighbourhood Sussex Indoor Bootcamp instructor, we have a leading local money expert, health expert, style expert… and it’s all free!

We’re really living up to the title of Power Living here.

If you want to be the first to know when the next issue comes out, stick your details in the box at the top right of the page there and I’ll hook you up.

Now, enough rambling, God knows I do enough of that on the video… Let’s get to work…

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