Worthing Brides – It’s not too late…

No, I don’t mean it’s not too late to call the whole thing off! I mean to make sure you look amazing walking down the aisle!

You might have a month or two, you might have a week or two. However long you have, what you don’t want to do is crash diet. You’ll just come off looking gaunt and sickly… And you’ll be setting yourself up to pile the weight back on (and normally a tonne more!)  double quick.

Instead, follow these three “Rock your wedding dress” rules.

By the way, I was going to use the usual random stock wedding shots to make this post eye catching, but instead ace Worthing photographer Laura Brennan from Cherry Red Photography donated these beautiful pics for me to use.

I love these photos. You can check out a bunch more equally stylish ones and snap her up while you still have the chance at her website cherryredphotography.co.uk or her Facebook page at fb.com/CherryRedPhotography

So here we go:

RYWD Rule #1 – Don’t panic!
The biggest reason your body stores fat is because of stress, and I’d bet my left man-berry that you’re stressed up to the eyeballs right now! If you then throw in panic that you’ve taken your eye off the ball with your weight, you don’t have a hope of ditching it.

So take some time to chill. It might sound a bit tree-huggy, but close your eyes. Breath deeply. All of that good stuff.

Then get in a quick workout to burn off some frustration. You can kill two birds with one stone then! And trust me you have time. There’s a whole bunch of workouts that can be done in as little as 10 minutes right on this blog.

You could try this Worthing Boot Camp style workout that can be done in your own home.

Just do whatever it takes to have a few minutes to yourself to relax or burn off some stress!

RYWD Rule #2 – Don’t starve yourself!
I know you’ve been rushed off your feet, times flown by, and the big day is bearing down on you like a Japanese bullet train, so you’ve not looked after your diet as well as you could, and you’ve maybe gained a few pounds.

Your first instinct will be to have some kind of food embargo, but don’t! If you do that, you’re actually playing into your body’s fears, and the first thing it will do is hold onto the stored fat. You may even gain a few more pounds!

Instead make sure you’re eating small portions more often. Get yourself organised. Don’t think you can’t do it – Trust me, if you can organise a hundred and one distant relatives who you’ve not seen since Katrina and the Waves won Eurovision, while simultaneously booking caterers, photographers, a band, transport, hair and make-up for you and the bridesmaids… You can get your diet in order!

By eating small portions 4-6 times per day, you tell your body it’s OK for fuel, it doesn’t need to hang onto the fat.

Believe me when I say you’re amazing the way you manage to juggle to make your big day perfect. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you can’t do this one more thing!

RYWD Rule #3 – Drink more water!
Starting to feel a bit bloated? A bit puffy? Chances are in all the mayhem you’ve not been drinking enough water.

As Ol’ Blue Eyes sang, “I’ve got you under my skin”. What you probably didn’t know is he was singing about water retention. Maybe…

But regardless, if you’ve not been supplying enough water in, you’ll hold it under your skin making you look soft and puffy. Make sure you’re getting at least your minimum two litres per day. Three’s better.

RYWD Rule #4 – Enjoy your big day!
Did I say three rules? Well this one’s a bit of a bonus!

There are tonnes of things you can do on the big day to limit the damage while still enjoying yourself, but ultimately, what you do the other 364 days of the year are going to have the biggest impact.

So when you get to the big day, put it all behind you and don’t worry about it! (Which ties neatly into rule number 1.) It’s your big day. If Monica from Friends was right, you’ve been planning this since you were 6 years old.

So eat, drink, be merry…

And make sure you post the videos on YouTube of your drunk Uncle when he thinks he’s cutting more rug on the dance floor than a young John Travolta.

Then we can all enjoy your big day… 😉

And just for giggles, what wedding spectacles have you seen?

Bridesmaid get way too drunk and start singing Dolly Parton on the bar?

Organist get confused and play the funeral march instead of the wedding march?

Give us all a laugh and post in the comments below. You can change any names to protect the not-so innocent…

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