20 Ways to Succeed Without the Need for Natural Talent

There’s a lot to be said for talent. But talent will only take you so far, and is (literally) nothing without hard work and commitment.


The person who is naturally fast will always be eclipsed by the person who gets up early and hammers their sprint training.

The person who is naturally musically gifted will always be eclipsed by the person who practices every day.

The person who is naturally slim will never look as good as the person who is meticulous about what they eat and works their arse off in the gym.

Whether you have a natural talent or not, here’s 20 ways to succeed like a boss with or without it:

1. Consistently put one foot in front of the other.

2. Stumble.

3. Educate yourself.

4. Make mistakes.

5. Fix your mistakes.

6. Always keep your eyes on your goal.


7. Break that goal down into smaller goals.

8. Never give up.

9. Push yourself.

10. Find the edge of your comfort zone.

11. Smash through it.

12. Change your habits.

13. Make a CCMP.

14. Get a mentor who can guide you there.

15. Surround yourself with like-minded, supportive people.

16. Get rid of your “frenemies” and the crabs in your life.

17. Visualise your goal daily. Hourly even.

18. Start now.

19. Tell people your goal.

20. Check into the gym and post your progress regularly on Facebook so your friends can support and encourage you.

Talent is something people are born with. All the above can be done by ANYONE.

That means you!

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