Spotlight Sunday – Nicky Cornford! “I’m so glad I decided to be brave and try something different!”

Late one night in March 2014, I acted on an impulse and I decided to join a PW Worthing Bootcamp challenge seeing it advertised on Facebook and I joined the 4-week challenge with an old school friend. I was really nervous not knowing what to expect or knowing anyone but felt that I had to take the plunge and change my daily routines and habits to become more healthy, not only for myself but for the whole family.

Nicky-BlogTime was ticking away – I wanted to change, was ready to change and I wanted some time to myself outside of work and the family.

It was when my son started school the previous year that I knew that the time had come to make some big changes. I was a busy mother of two working part time and had spent so long concentrating on the family and their needs as a priority that I had forgotten some of my own personal ones.

I have always been a big foodie and am always thinking of the next meal. I can out eat most men I know (not a good thing really!) and have become used to bad habits over the years, such as too big portion sizes, finishing the kids meals as well as my own and drinking too much wine.

I had tried various fitness activities over a period of 8 months such as Zumba, the gym, step and ab classes and various others wanting to be more active and healthy. However, I had stuck at nothing consistently and didn’t feel quite comfortable at the gym – in fact quite the opposite!

After PW’s first challenge, I was hooked! I loved the workout and the exercise. To my astonishment, I could see the results happening and as time progressed, I was able to do more and more of the exercises. I have met some amazing and like-minded people and made new friends.



I had followed the prescribed eating plans and with that and the exercise, as well as the support given, I had seen a drastic difference in my weight.

My confidence in myself increased and I felt more energetic and healthy. I even managed to drop down to my pre-baby weight and dress size, which was an amazing feeling and not only that, I feel really good, am fit and happy and I think it shows.

Nicky B+A1


I wanted this experience to affect the whole family, to improve our lifestyle and I had wanted to lead it by example so I later did another challenge and put my husband on the food plans with me. It so totally worked with us supporting each other on those difficult days that the results were amazing. The children are now more aware of healthy food options and in fact love coming to boot camp when they can. They take part in the more healthy eating choices on a daily basis. I am so proud of my husband who has lost 25 pounds of fat in 6 weeks! The difference in him is amazing and this has given him a fantastic start and the focus to carry on with this.

It really has been an interesting and worthwhile experience and I am so glad that late one night I decided to be brave and try something different!

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