Secrets of Naturally Slim People

A little while ago I had the chance to tap the brain of NLP guru Vivienne Smith from Personal Breakthrough. For those who don’t know what NLP is… Well, I’m not going to try to explain since Vivienne does a great job at the beginning of this video! But in summary, it’s about working with the mind to change the way you think and do things. Change your habits, alleviate fears, free yourself from unwanted emotions or past traumas.


The biggest barrier to successful weight loss and body transformation is not lackluster effort in at the gym, it’s the having the right mindset. We’re ruled by our habits, associations, and ultimately our thoughts, negative or positive.

So I grilled Vivienne on everything you need for instant results.

We covered loads of stuff including:

  • Why you sabotage yourself without knowing it
  • Why you should never go on a diet and why diets can make you fatter
  • How you can kill cravings for your ‘hot button’ foods
  • How naturally slim people approach eating and the habits they follow to stay that way
  • How to stop unconscious eating
  • How to abolish food guilt

There’s a bucket load of tips and tricks to get you to your goal in here, and I hope you get tonnes of value from this, so make yourself a cuppa, sit down, and soak up the knowledge!

You can download the audio if you’d rather listen on your mp3 player here
(Right click – “Save target as”):


What do you struggle with most when it comes to getting or staying in shape? Post a comment below…

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