Spotlight Sunday – Mark Munns! “Not only can I keep up with my gymnast daughter now, I’ve got a six pack of my own!”

It was last years holiday to Majorca that started my journey. Or more accurately when I got back! I was flicking through the family photos and it was then that it hit home how much the weight had gradually crept on over the years. Happens to all of us, right?

My dad had died at the young age of 50 following a long-standing heart condition, and at 46 now with a son and a daughter myself, those photos really put it in front of my face how overweight I had become and that I could be wandering down the same road.

So after a visit to my good friend Martin the hairdresser, owner of Infusion Hair Design in Worthing, I made the commitment to sort myself out! If not just for me but my family too. Plus my daughter does gymnastics to a high level and at 10 has a six-pack! We can’t have her beating her dad now!

When I saw Martin, he’d lost about a stone of fat and told me about this weight loss bootcamp he’d been going to: Power Living Intensive, run by Anthony Punshon at PW Physique and Fitness. I listened while he extolled the virtues – how he’s lost and was still steadily losing weight, no longer suffered with his back pain, what a great bunch of people he’d met and the load of new friends he’d made – so I went along with him to try it out.

Straight away everyone welcomed me with their unique mix of humour and banter, and didn’t waste any time in pushing me to work harder! No break in period for the new guy! And as we trained, the girls there have constantly encouraged me to push my limits – and by encouraged I mean thrown weighted balls in my direction!


I’ve been at Power Living Intensive around 4 months now, have lost over 3 stone, and had a great time getting involved in the regular events like Tex Mex night, organisation of a charity bootcamp for the local kids, and who could forget the fancy dress fun and games on New Year’s Eve?


Anthony also runs regular competitions and challenges, and at the beginning of the year, with my team mate, Martin, we even managed to win lunch on the Thames and a Boudoir photo shoot! Although we decided to raffle the Boudoir shoot to help out another member who’s raising money for Breast Cancer!

Now, following the latest challenge which finished last week, I’m over 3 stone down and in at least as good, if not better shape than when I was in my 20s.

Plus, not only can I keep up with my daughter now (or at least do a better job of it!), I’ve got a six pack of my own!

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