Worthing Personal Trainer gets a sugar rush!

So there I was. Cat in one hand, and plate full of sugar in the other…

Wait… What? That’s how all good stories start isn’t it?

How about – So, hands up who’s seen a cat on a sugar high?

OK, let’s start again…

You’ll no doubt know by the amount of my videos that have been photo-bombed by one of my ginger-ninja furballs that I have cats. Two of them. I have rats too, but that’s a story for another day…

One of my cats is old and wise. The other is young and stupid. (It’s OK, she gets by on her looks.)

Said young cat has a, “I’ll try anything once, but rest assured I’ll kill you in your sleep if I don’t like it” attitude to food.

Enter the pile of sugar!

Now, a cat on a sugar high is a bit like if Jackie Chan was injected with speed laced espresso. Bansaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii!!!

But before this post gets a little too trippy and the police knock down my door thinking that Worthing Personal Training is actually a code I use for “Special brownie grower”, below I’m going to show you how my cat got access to a plate full of sugar, and why when you feed kids Jelly Babies they have much the same reaction.

Oh, and more importantly why when we eat Jelly Babies, we get fat! 

So, where you shocked, or was it just another day at the chocolate factory? Tell me below in the comments!

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