Spotlight Sunday: Steph Dewar! “What I have now isn’t a diet or a gym routine it’s just my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it”

Before I joined PW, like most people, I had tried quite a few different types of exercise and diets but nothing had really worked, not for any length of time anyway.

I generally enjoy most sports and used to keep quite active, but a knee injury from rugby that required surgery in 2018 put me out of sports and exercise in general for quite some time; this affected both my fitness and weight.

I then joined a local sport centre that offered fitness sessions but despite having a variety of sessions available it just wasn’t for me and I found I was paying for it but not using it!

I then thought I had found the answer with cross fit which I joined in 2019 but despite enjoying the sessions I found the mentality of AMRAP (as many reps as possible) meant that I spent more time out injured then I did actually doing it!

So I was back to no exercise again, and I was upset when I got to my 40th birthday and felt ‘fat at forty’, and knew I needed to find something… but what was the question?! So with some Googling of local fitness sessions I stumbled upon PW Physique and Fitness and 2 years later I haven’t looked back!

In these 2 years I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and 6.5 inches off my waist and hips combined. I’ve dropped 2 clothes sizes so my clothes now fit well rather than being just that bit too snug!

There are some downsides; some of my favourite jeans are too big to wear now but I consoled myself with shopping! It’s not all to do with looks though, I just feel fitter and healthier and – sounds odd – but I feel taller too !

I really enjoy the workouts, they are always varied within a set format, and continue to challenge me. They are on at so many different times there is always one to suit, they are also short so easy to fit into my busy day and, to be honest, makes it very hard to justify not going!

I also love the people that go, it’s not just about the exercise either, everyone is so friendly it’s like a social club, we don’t just work out but often come away with tips on food, holiday and laundry to boot!

The other aspect is the nutrition and support I’ve received has honestly transformed my life; my knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition is so much better now. By being aware of quantities and nutritional value and by planning my food and meals in advance I can now eat what I like, enjoying meals out and alcohol and treats and still stay on track and healthy. 

The biggest change in myself I would say is my motivation. Before, I could and did easily persuade myself to not exercise, and the less I exercised, the less I wanted to eat healthily. I now get up early (on a Monday morning too) and start my week right!

What I have now isn’t a diet or a gym routine it’s just my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it;  I love how I look and feel!

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