Spotlight Sunday: Jodie Armstrong – “For the first time in a long time I have a positive outlook and enjoy getting out of bed in the morning.”

I’m writing this having just done something I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing six months ago but a bit first about where this journey started.

I was pretty fit as a teenager but over the years I got busier with working full time and raising my son and there never seemed to be time for exercise. To be honest I thought you had to spend hours on running machines or at a gym full of ‘meat heads’ and ‘bunnies’ and none of this appealed to me so I made all sorts of excuses not to do it.

Jodie Before, with her son.

Having gone up and down in weight for a few years with different diets and slimming clubs I found I was back in a space where I wasn’t happy with my body and that was making me fed up. I spent my holiday last September on the sun lounger looking down at a body that I really didn’t want to admit was mine. I still didn’t do anything about it though, just got another drink from the bar and buried my head further in the sand.

A few weeks later, and back at home with another alcoholic beverage in hand, I was sat on my sofa thinking about the impending winter and dark nights. I was flicking through social media and up popped PW Physique and Fitness challenging me to ‘Lose a dress size in 21 days’. I’d seen a friend posting about this place and having probably had one too many drinks I signed up. To make sure I carried it through I posted to all my friends and family what I was doing.

The next week was my first session and assessment and I went along with trepidation and in truth thinking it would just be another one of my fads. How wrong could I have been.

I got the friendliest welcome whichever class I went to. No one was judging you, if fact, everyone wanted to help and encourage.

Looking trim in her size 10 target jeans after dropping from a size 14!

In those 3 weeks I could feel myself getting stronger all the time and better at all the exercises. It was tricky at first as I did ache but it was a good ache and the support I got from the team and all the other members was amazing. After 21 days I’d lost 9lbs of fat, 2 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips – definitely a dress size. It’s hard to believe that it was just a case of watching my food and doing four 30-minute sessions a week with my new-found friends. Far more importantly, in those three weeks I’d cut down hugely on my drinking started eating healthily and found my mojo! There was no chance of me stopping now. The 21-day challenge was over but my personal challenge wasn’t… I still had 12 lbs of excess fat to lose and an old pair of jeans to get into!

I was back in those jeans in March.

I’ve got my excess body fat down to zero and have lost a total of 4 inches from my waist and 6 from my hips. That doesn’t mean I’m stopping though – it just means I can eat more. Bonus.

PW Physique and Fitness has changed my life! I eat well and organise all of my food with their help and guidance and I’m really enjoying the exercise. For the first time in a long time I have a positive outlook and enjoy getting out of bed in the morning.

Back to where I started this story. On holiday just six months ago I was unhappy, demotivated and embarrassed of my body but couldn’t seem to get myself out of that hole.

In contrast, thanks to what I have achieved with Anthony and the great team at PW Physique and Fitness I have spent this afternoon at a boudoir photo shoot as a treat to myself to celebrate my achievement and to being a mentally and physically strong person again.

Come and join the family, you CAN do it.

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