It all went pear shaped…

Technology’s great! I’m a big fan. It allows me to send you useful emails regularly, for example. Imagine if I had to hand write and post 7,000 odd letters? Yeah, I don’t think so…

But technology’s great up until the point it doesn’t work…

Yesterday was day one of the LBD challenge. Day one’s always a bit manic, as you can imagine! Everyone has orientation, then we need to weigh everyone in and calculate their body fat percent, get them all set up with their eating plans, choose their teams… Like I said, manic. ?

We actually split it over two days for that reason. In fact I’m going back into the studio to do it all again in about an hour.

Yesterday was the day that technology decided it wasn’t going play ball. Yesterday was the day the internet connection decided to be about as reliable as an indicator on a BMW.

Of course everything runs off the internet these days… Our body fat calculator, even our check-in kiosk. So immediately we were on a go-slow with one weigh-in taking nearly 15 minutes!

I also needed to set up for the morning’s MCX 30/30 workout. And guess what? The MP3 player got half way through the first track and died. Kaput.

All the electronics had clearly had a meeting that morning and decided it would be a laugh to prank Punshon.

I borrowed a phone charger to plug the MP3 player in, and as it happens, one of my Elite trainer’s, Jamie, had come in to join that workout, so he kindly helped me get things set up so we could get going.

So onward we ploughed!

But sometimes everything just goes a bit pear shaped. And when things go tits up like that, it can have a knock-on effect.

We forget to drink water. We forget to eat even.

Luckily I knew it was going to be a manic day, so I had all my food in Tupperware, in a cool-bag and all I had to do was assemble my fork (seriously! We have this plastic cutlery set that you stick different ends on a handle! I swear MacGyver’s started a side-line in portable kitchenware.) and I had chicken satay ready to go.

But what if I hadn’t? I couldn’t leave the studio, I had weigh-ins until 12.

I would have got home starving, and you know what happens when you’re starving… EVERYTHING looks appealing and you grab the first thing you find! If I’d have had a scabby donkey in the cupboard, I’d probably sling that bad-boy on the grill and chow down.

It pays to be prepared.

It didn’t take me any time to prepare the satay because I had it for dinner the night before, so just cooked up 3 times as much and chucked the other two into Tupperware, and it meant that whatever happened, I was ahead of the game and had my nutrition with me ready to shovel into my face.

And remember the 6 Ps: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. ?

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