A day in the life of a makeover (with video) with Personal Trainer, Worthing

I have three rules that I live by:

  1. Everyone deserves to feel special
  2. Hard work should be rewarded
  3. Don’t step on the cracks between the paving slabs or you’ll be eaten by the pavement troll

So when my awesome personal training client Sally reached a big milestone in her body transformation by losing 30lbs of the wobbly stuff (over 2 stone!), she got the ultimate in special treatment and she saw our crack (see what I did there…) team of experts to get a full makeover for the Christmas issue of Power Living Magazine.

And let me tell you, she looks AMAZING!

Seriously look!

Told you. Amazing!

Her star treatment actually lasted the whole week, so let me tell you from the beginning…

First she went to see our ace stylist Gay from Worthing personal styling company Style Me Confident for a personal shopping session during the week. It had been a long time since Sally had sported a sleek, sexy shape, and Gay was there to show her exactly how to dress to show it off to maximum effect!

She was also going to go round and go through Sally’s existing wardrobe, but as she found out (and as I got a phone call about later…) I’d previously told Sally to throw out all her “Fat clothes”, so there wasn’t anything left in her wardrobe to go through!

If you think about it, that was a good thing… 🙂

Then on the Saturday, she was off to brilliant beautician Sonia’s beauty salon in Worthing to have a spray tan and have her nails done. Phase 2 complete.

Then Sunday was the big day of the shoot. We all went back to La Belle, where Sonia opened it up just for her (I told you – Star treatment!) and Sally, who looked like she’d just stepped off a plane from Barbados when I met her outside, had all the finishing touches applied.

She already looked stunning with her tropical skin and hand-picked black dress, and we’d not even started on her hair or make-up yet!

Enter Katie. Expert Worthing hairdresser. Katie skilfully brushed, sprayed, and styled, then Sonia did her thing again with a belt full of make-up that looked like Batman’s utility belt. I have a better understanding now why women take so long to get ready in the morning now!

Lastly, first-rate Worthing photographer Laura from Cherry Red Photography, took her out to capture the awesomeness on film. Or memory card. Or whatever it is you kids use these days.

And what did I do? Oh I just larked about with the video camera, pulled out a surprise old photo so Sally could see what she used to look like, and captured her reaction on film…

You’ll be able to read Sally’s complete story of her transformation from when she decided it was time to get in shape right up to her star makeover treatment in the December issue of Power Living Magazine. It’s going to be a doozy! (Between you and me, it’s a pretty girly issue this one…)

You’ll be able to check it out FREE at PowerLivingMag.co.uk in the next week or two. In the meantime, check out the Autumn issue now.

And leave a comment for Sally below before you do. 🙂

Power Living Magazine Crack Makeover Team:

Personal Training: Anthony Punshon, PW Physique and Fitness

Styling: Gay Richardson, Style Me Confident

Make-up, tan, nails, eyelashes: Sonia Martin, La Belle Beauty Boutique

Hair styling: Katie Jacobs

Photography: Laura Brennan, Cherry Red Photography

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