25 No-Equipment Fat Busting Worthing Bootcamp Workouts

So first I want to say thanks for all the birthday wishes, presents, cards, and all that jazz. It was quite overwhelming, especially since I’ve only interacted with a lot of you through the weight loss solutions I post on this blog and in my Lean Living Chronicles email. It’s nice to know I’ve managed to connect with and help so many people that I’ve never even spoken to face to face!

Incidentally, if you have plans to eat out over the next few weeks you’ll find the chronicles issue just gone out particularly useful!

And also if you like pancakes. If you don’t you should. Pancakes are awesome. You’ll definitely like the pancake recipe. So check your inbox now if you haven’t yet!

The presents I emailed out to you over the last week also got a great reception. Especially the workout video I sent out on my Birthday last Wednesday.

So because of that, I thought I’d give you four alternatives using the same workout format in the video so you’re never stuck for a workout. In fact with the exercises in the video, you’ll actually have 25 possible workouts you can bash out by mixing and matching the exercises to your hearts content!

So here is the original list of exercises in the video:

A) Alternating Touchdown Reverse Lunges
B) Traversing Push ups (modified on your knees is OK)
C) Alternate Crunches
D) Spiderman Climb

Revert back to the vid for exercise form. Now here’s 4 alternatives for each exercise, giving you 5 options to choose from:

A) Alternating Split Squat, Prisoner Squat, Bodyweight Squat, Elbow to Instep Lunge
B) Push Up with Leg Up (alternate legs each rep), Grasshopper Push Up, Spiderman Push Up, Plank-to-Push Up
C) Bicycle Crunch, Reverse Crunch,  Twisting Crunch, V-Up
D) Mountain climbers, Cross Body Mountain Climbers, Squat Thrusts, Plank

Here’s the workout format again:


-Do exercises A-D (pick one exercise next to each letter) nonstop with the prescribed number of reps for each round.
-Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Exercises Each Round:

Round 1= 25 reps each exercise
Round 2= 20 reps each exercise
Round 3= 15 reps each exercise
Round 4= 10 reps each exercise

By the way, if you didn’t get the email with the workout vid in, just stick your details in the box to the right there and I’ll send it out again at the end of the week. In the meantime you can enjoy the other videos and the free books you’ll get as a thank you while you wait! (You’ll get those instantly)

Any exercises you don’t know, stick a comment in the box below and I’ll find a link for you. 🙂

Don’t forget for more video workouts, recipes, and just awesome lean living lessons, check out the videos in the right hand sidebar.

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