Friday Fun: Win FREE Worthing Bootcamp

I just got a text this morning from one of my awesome Bootcampers, Gina, that she couldn’t make it because she was on the train to work because her car had broken down.

I texted back, “Of course you realise you missed Triple-A Friday!”

She said, “I know I missed Abs, Arse, and Aaarrrrrrrrggggggh Friday!”

On the upside, it made me laugh a lot. On the downside, about 4 of the passwords stuck to postits on the side of my monitor (yeah, come on, we all do it…) are now unreadable because I spit tea all over them!

Mmmmmm tea. Sweet nectar.

Anyhoo, Triple-A Friday was originally coined by another Bootcamper (Karen) as “Awesome, Arse, and Abs”, which is what it really stands for. We use to just do “Abs Friday”, but got a bit carried away over time…

So here’s a bit of fun for Friday.

AAA Friday. What do YOU think it should stand for?

Most creative wins 2 Weeks FREE Worthing Weight Loss Bootcamp!

Post below…

I’ll pick winners in a couple of weeks time and announce them here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new cup of tea to make…

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