2 Secrets to Double Your Fat Loss (Plus a free gift from Worthing Personal Trainer)

Don’t be fooled by how short this video is, or by my flyaway hair! I’d just taught a Weight Loss Bootcamp class at 6 in the morning before filming this, and trust me when I say I’m always sporting the latest hairstyle from the dragged-through-a-hedge-backward style guide at that time of the morning!

Seriously… Ask any of my campers!

I’ve actually got two devilishly simple but incredibly powerful techniques for you which you can put into action immediately, one which in one study was shown to double the results of the group that followed it, and another which improved the success rate by over 2000%… That’s right, there’s not an extra zero in there!

So check me an’ my bed-head hair out below, then download your free gift at the bottom of this post:

Now, here’s a PDF of the same accountability log I use with all of my Worthing Personal Training clients so you can get on the case too:

Remember, in a study with 1500 people, just doing this one simple act doubled their results! I’d say that’s a pretty good return on a few extra minutes time investment!

Leave me a comment below and tell me your most effective tips to boost your results!

One thought on “2 Secrets to Double Your Fat Loss (Plus a free gift from Worthing Personal Trainer)

  1. Some great points there – thanks! I’m a great fan of writing everything down and of building accountability and you’ve signposted some easy ways in. The sound on the video was really unclear but the message was worth persevering for!

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