Get a month’s FREE Worthing Boot Camp (Weight Loss Bootcamp)

I need your help.

I’m putting together a massive track list for my Indoor Worthing Bootcamp. And when I say massive, I’m talking hundreds of tracks.

I was going to go with the usual music you get in exercise classes, but let’s be honest, if you went to the gym and put in your headphones, like most people in the gym do to drown out how to get a million in compensation for that accident you never had, or the 217th ad for free ringtones you’ve heard on MTV Tat in the past 15 minutes… You wouldn’t fill your MP3 player with the stuff they’re playing in the Bodypump class next door.

Can Headphones with antennae. Because you can never look too stupid.

So I want to know what your top five tracks to workout to are. Post them in the comments below, and the best ones will get free entry to Power Living Intensive, our indoor Worthing bootcamp for the whole of June.


You can even gift it if you like. I don’t mind, I just want to hear from you below.

Closing date is next Friday 27th May (2011 in case you’ve stumbled on this post in a Google search 3 years from now…) and I’ll pick a winner in the following week and announce it in the June 1st edition of my Newsletter.

(If you’re not already on the list, you can sign up in about 5 seconds with the box in the top right there)

So get posting below… 🙂

7 thoughts on “Get a month’s FREE Worthing Boot Camp (Weight Loss Bootcamp)

  1. 1~Queen, don’t stop me now.
    2~The zombies, she’s not there
    3~Noisettes, don’t upset the rhythm
    4~Destiny’s child, Jumpin Jumpin
    5~Lady GaGa, telephone

  2. 1. Michael Jackson – Can you feel it
    2. Stereophonics – Dakota
    3. Basement Jaxx – Music plays on
    4. Fat Boy Slim – Right here Right now
    5. Rhianna – Please don’t Stop the music

  3. Do your thing- Basement Jaxx
    Learn to fly- Foo Fighters
    Higher Ground- Red Hot Chilli Peppers Version
    Footloose- Kenny Loggins (sorry)
    Cant touch this- Mc Hammer! haaaaa!

  4. Queen — Tie your Mother down
    Sandstorm — Darude
    Are you ready for this — 2 Unlimited
    You think your a man — Divine
    Happy Hour — The house Martin

  5. Snap – Rhythm is a dancer
    Oceanic – Insanity
    Black box – The only way is up
    2 Unlimited – No limit
    Reel to reel – I like to move it

  6. Bit of 80’s now

    Bee Gees -Staying alive
    Irene Cara – Fame
    Survivor – Eye of the tiger
    Kenny Loggins – Footloose {im with you on that one Laura}
    Donna summer – Hot stuff

  7. Jo Lo – On the floor
    Flo rida – Club cant handle me
    Enrique iglesias – I like it
    Shakira – Hips dont lie
    lmfao – party rock anthem ft lauren bennett ,GoonRock

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