6 Ways to Get (and Stay!) Motivated

Has your mojo done a runner? Motivation got up and started sneaking out the back door when you turned your head?

Remember how excited you were the first time you walked into the gym? Or when you stepped on the scale and lost that first pound? Or when you ran that first mile without stopping? It’s time to get that feeling back and here are six ways to regain and keep your motivation when it starts to wander like a toddler in a toy shop:

  1. Take a break: Sometimes your lack of motivation is your body’s way of telling you to back off and recover from overtraining or stress. Take a few days off to rest and regroup. But set a time limit… taking a break can lead to quitting if you aren’t careful!
  2. Remind yourself why you started: While you’re on your temporary break, think back to why you decided to exercise, diet and live a healthy lifestyle. More energy? Live longer? Look better? What motivated you then, should still motivate you now.
  3. Set realistic (and achievable) goals: While it would be great to lose half a stone this week, it would be more realistic and certainly more achievable to lose those 7 pounds this month. Set realistic goals in the gym, on the track or in the kitchen and take the appropriate “baby steps” to reach your goals.
  4. Track your goals and progress: Once you identify your goals, write them down, if you don’t, it’s just a vague wish or dream. Record your progress in a training log and food diary. Both can help you see the positive changes you are making or identify problems if you are not making progress and how to fix it.
  5. Accountability: Find someone to hold you accountable, friends, family, a training partner or even others like you online. Letting others know what you did (or possibly even more importantly, didn’t do) to reach your goals can be a great motivator.
  6. Reward yourself: Celebrate your successes with physical rewards. New clothes, new Jimmy Choos, a pamper day, etc. But avoid using food or alcohol as a reward!

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