Muscle Soreness – Worthing Personal Trainer Explains It All

For ages people have been telling me I should watch a film called Run, Fatboy Run. You may have heard of it. In fact it was pretty big in this country, but I never got round to watching it. Funny really given my vocation, you think I’d be all over it like Kelis on milkshake.

Well it was on TV the other day, so I finally got round to it. There’s a scene in it where Simon Pegg has just come out of an epic spinning session, and has such a bad case of Bambi legs, he tumbles down the stairs.

Why’s it funny? Because we’ve all been there!

Not necessarily spinning, but we’ve all stumbled down the stairs, or out to our car, after a hard workout.

What tends to accompany this Bambi legs feeling? The inability to run, walk, sit, get up, crawl… Do pretty much anything that requires your legs in the following few days!

We’ve all been there too, right?

Now, here’s the other side of the coin. Have you ever put in a great effort in your workout, and not hurt the next day for someone to say, “Well you didn’t work hard enough then!”?

Did that make you feel bad?

Well here’s something that will make you feel better…

They’re wrong!

In this 6 minute video, I’m going to explain exactly why, so next time someone accuses you of not putting the effort in, you can successfully and smugly lay the verbal beat down on them.

[youtube video=dtz-aHkH2eE maxw=800 style=”display: block; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;”]

What’s the funniest “Post workout soreness” story you have? Couldn’t lift your arms to comb your hair? Had to pull yourself out of your car by the roof? Fell down the stairs Run-Fatboy style? Comment below…

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