Help a local cause and Win an iPad 2!

This month, I’m on a mission to raise £1000 for local boy William. And you can help too, and win an iPad 2 in the process!

First though, here’s a bit about William who we’re raising money for.

“William was born by emergency C-section after he stopped moving at 37 weeks. He had suffered from a lack of oxygen and shortly after birth he started to have seizures. He was in neonatal intensive care and special care for 3 weeks before being allowed home.

William is now 2 years old and has a severe dystonic motor disorder which means that he is unable to sit unaided and is immobile. He struggles to use his hands and cannot grab things or reach out for toys etc. 

Regardless of the daily struggle he has to endure, he is a very happy boy and is always smiling and laughing.”

Recently, William’s dad Kevin came to me to take control of his body again. We worked hard, and over the Autumn months, Kev dropped over 5 stone of fat, built lean muscle, and completely changed his shape! You may have seen him in this week’s West Sussex Gazette.

Now we’re on a mission to raise £1000 for William’s fund by the end of January. And if you help us do that, you could win an iPad 2! So here’s the deal:

For every person who enrols in either Power Living Intensive (Worthing Bootcamp – “Hard body” membership) or in-home personal training (3 month or more enrolment) before the end of January, I’m giving £50 to Williams fund.

It’s that simple. Change your life, and you can also help change William’s.

Now, who wants an iPad 2?

The person who refers the most people before the end of Jan (minimum 3 referrals) will get one.

Seriously. It really is that simple!

So think of who you can help, and as well as the satisfaction from helping a local cause, you could be the owner of a shiny new iPad worth around £400.

Oh and one more thing. As if I couldn’t make it easier, I’ll also give anyone who mentions William when they sign up half off their first month.

So if you’ve been on the fence about taking control for yourself, or helping someone else change their life (or both! Join with a friend or a group of friends and you’ll have instant referrals!), there could not be a better time!

Let’s help William together. Visit for more info on the cause.

To register, just click here to send a quick email with your name, and (if you’re not already a trainee) your address and phone number so we know where to deliver the prize.

Simples. 🙂


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