The simple secret you need to know to lose weight this New Year

Are you ready?

Just a few hours until New Year, which means a few hours until the streets are paved with runners, all with good intentions of ditching the extra chub.

But out of the 13 million Britons who’ll be starting their fat busting journey, 7 million will have crashed and burned by January 20th.

And the sad thing is, it’s really easy to avoid!

The reason people don’t get results in those first 3 weeks and end up giving up is such a simple one. It’s one tiny little detail that people get wrong that is quite literally the difference between success and failure.

It’s OK though! I like you. You’re smart. So I’m going to talk you through it below so you can look awesome this year and not just be another one to chuck onto the failure pile!

So tell me, have you made this mistake before? Post a comment below.

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