Be prepared – Not just for boy scouts…

When I was a wee young lad, I was in the cub scouts. I didn’t get to go to big boy scouts because when it was time to move up I had the choice of either going to proper scouts or having drum lessons. I wasn’t allowed both… music lessons aren’t cheap you know!

As it happens, I wanted to be like this guy…

True, I was about 10 or something, but if I’m honest, given the choice again today, I’d probably still choose Animal! (How cool is he, though? Too cool for school, that how cool.)

There was a great lesson I learned in the cubs though, and that’s to be prepared.

I bang on about planning and preparation a lot. When I give my West Sussex Personal Training clients their accountability log, it has two columns. One for your meal plan, and one for your actual food eaten. You can download your own copy here, by the way:

Worthing Weight Loss Eating Log

There’s a great saying. The 5 “P”s (or 6 “P”s as I usually tell it, but this is a PG rated blog…):

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Now, I’m not one for wishy washy management speak. We won’t be doing any ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘nailing any jellies to the wall’ in here. But planning and preparing what you’re going to eat can quite literally be the difference between massive rip-roaring success and utter dismal failure.

Or let’s put it another way. Six weeks from today, how would you like to look back and think, “Wow, it’s great being a stone lighter! My waist looks tighter, I’m struggling to grab my love handles, and I can sit down in these jeans all day without feeling bloated!”

Or would you prefer to look back six weeks from today and think, “I could be a stone lighter today but I’m not, all because I couldn’t be bothered to spend 10 minutes packing a few meals up the night before…”

The choice is yours. You make it, and the results will reflect it.

If you follow this blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve been getting top comic and ace actress Marilla Wex in shape on a 21-day challenge. She’s in day 6 and had to spend the day out. Writing a screenplay don’tcha know.

So she got prepared.

Check out her video to see what she did, and also how she made awesome turkey burgers! Oh and there’s a cute doggy too. 

Who’s a good boy. You’re a good boy. Yes you are…

And remember, Marilla’s blogging the whole 21-days, so if you want to learn how to get in shape in record time Broadway style, check out the madness here:

Marilla Wex stars in 21 Days Later

And also, leave us a comment below! Very important. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Be prepared – Not just for boy scouts…

  1. I hope you didn’t punish her Anthony for having a little bit of ketchup! Great job Rill, Farfl was a delightful bonus. Keep up the good work.


  2. I was well chuffed with the turkey burgers – they were wicked! Although I will add more dry-fried onions next time. They were the magic sprinkles on top.

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