Spotlight Sunday: Fiona Hilder – “I no longer find my eating habits difficult as these have become my new habits!”

During my childhood, teenage and early adult life, I was one of those people, some might say lucky, that could eat what I liked without worrying about too much weight gain.

I started training as a nurse and when I began to work shifts, my eating choices were not healthy.

Once I was in my 30’s and more noticeably after having 2 children, quite close together, my weight started to increase. This then started a cycle of me becoming a yoyo dieter, losing weight for those special occasions or for holidays, only to pile it back on in between. My clothes became too tight, I dressed in clothes I thought would hide my increasing size, but it was only when I realised that I weighed almost as much as when I was pregnant, that I needed to do something – something that lasts – something I would continue forever…… A LIFE CHANGE.

I knew one of my friends Niki B, who went to PW Physique and Fitness, and had seen her amazing results. I was reluctant and apprehensive at first to start things, as I knew my fitness was non-existent, but I needed to do something and more importantly I WANTED to do something.

I saw the PW Fitness 21-day challenge on Facebook, and enrolled. I was immediately struck by the fact that everyone was so encouraging, we were all at various levels, and no one judged.

I started getting up early 3 times a week, with little problem, but the change in diet was much tougher, and this took me a while to start changing my habits. It took me a while to realise that there were other aspects in my life I needed to change too, so I decided to enrol in a team challenge.

This was the kick start I needed. Being part of the team challenge encouraged me to complete a food diary, attend PW Fitness 3-4 times a week and plan my meals. I shopped accordingly and started seeing instant results. The PW team, as well as other members of the challenge team, were always there to offer advice and support. By the end of the challenge I had lost 14lbs in weight, 4.5 inches and 10lb in excess body fat.

There were additional benefits as I became more energised during the day, I was sleeping better, my skin improved and more importantly I felt good about myself.

I have since enrolled in a second challenge, and a couple of mini challenges. I have continued to lose weight and inches and after 1 yr have lost a further 14lbs in weight and 2.5.inches off my waist.

I no longer find my eating habits difficult as these have become my new habits. Something that Anthony said always stuck with me which was ‘you wouldn’t expect healthy teeth if you didn’t brush them twice a day, the same habits apply to looking after your body and how we eat and exercise’.

There are times when Iife throws some curve balls and those old habits creep back, but Anthony and his team are there to support and guide you, and not make you feel guilty. If I am unable to attend a session I really miss going, which is something I never thought would happen.

PW fitness is not your usual gym but a place that cares for you, your diet, your well-being and your individual needs. We are like a family and support each other.

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