Worthing Personal Trainer’s 8 easy ways to lose 8 pounds

Ever heard the saying pennies make pounds? Or the little things add up?

It’s true you need to get the big things in order first if you’re interested in weight loss – Eating right, doing the right type of exercise, etc. – but when you have those nailed down, the little additions can make a big difference.


So that in mind, here’s 8 little things you can stack up immediately with no real effort on your part to help you drop the next 8 pounds.

  1. Combat your sweet tooth – Instead of eating sweeties or chocolate, brush your teeth. The tingling of the toothpaste will often make the craving go away.
  2. Switch out the mayo – I hate the stuff, but given that practically every shop sold sandwich contains it, it’s obvious that it’s pretty popular! So if you love it, instead of using it in your own sandwiches or dips, substitute plain yoghurt instead.
  3. Snack before bed – Have a small carb based snack before going to sleep at night such as a piece of fruit or small bowl of cereal. This will not only cut down on late night cravings, but the carbohydrates will help you sleep better.
  4. Skip the tea breaks at work – Especially if that tea break often comes with a digestive (or three) or a trip to the big celebrations tin Sarah from accounts brought in. Go for a short walk instead.
  5. Cut back on your TV – Studies show that people who watch a lot of TV tend to be overfat. Main reason is that not only does it encourage you to sit still for long periods of time, but it encourages you to snack too.
  6. Turn down the volume – Did you know your stereo could be fattening? Loud noises produce stress chemicals in our brain that may make people overeat.
  7. Avoid loud colours at the dinner table – Ever wonder why most restaurants have brightly coloured paintings and tablecloths? Studies have shown it’s because bright colours make food look more appealing and stimulate the appetite. Stick to neutral and pastel colours at your own dinner table to avoid the excess chow.
  8. Sit straight and stand tall – Proper posture not only makes you look immediately slimmer, taller, and more confident, it burns more calories too. When you’re doing it all day long, those extra calories can add up!

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