My Shake Diet Detox – A New Beginning

My Shake Diet Detox – A New Beginning

Today is the first day of my Shake Diet Detox. This is a new beginning for me in a lot of ways.

Firstly, up until now, I’ve been vehemently against shake diets. When you have any kind of nutritional qualifications, just looking at the ingredients on these things would be enough to make you want to eat the packaging as a healthier alternative.

However, I do feel like years of putting just as much effort into my cheat days as the other days of the week have left me, shall we say, clogged up and sluggish.

The other thing is, I have a kid now. I have a child who will grow up copying me and learning from my example. I think it’s important that he learns from an early age that replacing solid food meals with formulated shakes is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. After all, at one point half of his diet was liquid and in all honesty if I could get half my nutrition from being attached to a boobie, I’d do exactly the same thing!

That seems like a win any way you look at it!


So I had my final meal this morning and I made sure it was a good one: Speedy Pancakes from our 21-day Quickstart Meal Plan with chocolate sauce. Because let’s face it, if you’re going to have a final meal, it should have chocolate sauce. The fact I put chocolate sauce on everything is neither here nor there.

I’m only gutted I didn’t have any bacon.


Here’s the plan I’ll be following for 7 days: Read more about My Shake Diet Detox – A New Beginning

What happens on a “Cleanse” diet

What happens on a “Cleanse” diet

We all know being overweight bumps up your risk of tonnes of chronic medical conditions, causes unnecessary stress on your joints and often leads you down a dark hole to depression and despair. But in your search for weight loss programmes, beware of quick fixes like crash diets, fasts, magic pills and cleanses that can leave your body depleted, dehydrated and possibly even in A&E.

The list of risks that come with these are longer than the guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven, and even in the best case scenario, you’ll likely come off with barely any fat loss to show for your efforts, and instead drop several pounds of lean mass leaving your body ready and willing to pile on the rebound weight faster than Kim Kardashian can file divorce papers.

Here’s what happens when you go on quick fix crash diet or “cleanse”:


Crash diets, starvation diets and cleanses that promote elimination will leave your body seriously dehydrated. You will lose weight, that’s a given. But the majority of that weight loss is water weight, your body will pull fluid from your cells and blood to replace lost water.

And just to kick you while you’re down, you’ll probably experience fatigue, headaches, and constipation and it can eventually lead to kidney stones or impaired kidney function.


Reduced blood volume also leads to rapid heart rate and shortness of breath as your heart struggles to supply oxygen and nutrients to your body.

Not a great start. But there’s more… Read more about What happens on a “Cleanse” diet

3 Fat Burning Supplements That Are a Con

3 Fat Burning Supplements That Are a Con

With summer coming and people looking for a quick fix, adverts for popular weight loss pills have started taking over our computer and TV screens again. But do they work?

Here’s 3 of the most popular weight loss supplements you’ll be able to find on the internet or in your local Worthing pharmacy or health food store that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Raspberry Ketones

raspberry_ketonesThese are very popular at the moment. If you haven’t heard of them through a dodgy looking Facebook ad, you may have seen them on Watchdog.

Although they’re a weight loss supplement, they’re most famous for making up fake celebrity endorsements and using microscopic print to con people into a credit card subscription.

Raspberry Ketones are found in raspberries (obviously) as the substance that gives them their aroma, and in a few other fruits as well. To actually extract ketones from raspberries is incredibly expensive though, and to get close to one dose you’d need over 40kg of raspberries! That’s why all raspberry ketones you can buy are synthetically made.

Here’s what they claim:

“Raspberry Ketone supplement is a magnificent compound that is known to regulate adiponectin, a protein that your body uses to control your metabolic rate. It can help your body to break down fat cells more effectively, meaning you could lose weight and body fat quicker. [ Raspberry ketone supplement ] Resulted in Shedding at least over 2 stone in Just 1 Month!”

Here’s the facts: Read more about 3 Fat Burning Supplements That Are a Con

Worthing Fitness Trainer warns to beware of the weight loss shakes!

Worthing Fitness Trainer warns to beware of the weight loss shakes!

Unless you’ve been hibernating in a cold dark room, you’ll have noticed the annual short burst of March sunshine has hit us! Most of last week was glorious, with a great weekend, and according to the Met office, it’s going to continue up until Thursday.

Wohoo… Get out the factor 50.

Now, I was going to post up a workout to make the most of this sunshine… but then the planets aligned or whatever and like the ghosts of Christmas past, 3 events came to me urging me to write about weight loss shake diets and hopefully save a few people from getting burned.

And not just by the sun.

Event 1: Last week I was emailed by an instructor friend of mine who’s been drawn in by one of the companies who deal these shakes. What you probably don’t know is that these companies often use a Multi-Level Marketing model where you’ll become a “distributor” (salesperson) with a promise of making thousands (often tens of thousands) per month, and the guy above you who’s also a distributor gets a cut from your sales and every one of his personal army of salespeople’s sales too. And so on up the chain.

You don’t have to have any nutritional education or qualification, in fact one of their big sales pulls to get people to become distributors is how a guy who made a couple of quid a day or something like that cutting grass became a distributor and now makes tens of thousands per month. So if the advertising’s to be believed, you could be taking advice about your health and well being from a guy who’s only qualified to push a lawn mower.

To cut a long story short, this guy wanted me to advertise for him and become one of his salespeople. I obviously (politely) told him where to go. Read more about Worthing Fitness Trainer warns to beware of the weight loss shakes!

Sussex Personal Trainer spills the beans on diet pills

Sussex Personal Trainer spills the beans on diet pills

It’s a funny world we live in these days. The ‘must have it now’ society. For example, we have microwaves to nuke food in minutes. We have ready meals for those microwaves. But this post isn’t about microwaves or ready meals! It’s about pills and powders.

diet-pills-for-womenThe impatience that we’ve been instilled with has been taken to such extremes that we now have powdered food and pills that promise to speed up your results. It’s so bad in fact that today it’s a multi-billion pound industry!

Powdered food? What are we, babies?

Most health and fitness magazines that you pick up are either put out by supplement companies or heavily sponsored by them. Flick through one when you’re next out and count how many ads you see for pills and powders with some Adonis or Goddess holding up the bottle. It’s no wonder we think that to look like that, we need to take that product too.

The dirty little secret of course is that 9 times out of 10, the person holding the bottle’s never taken that product in their life! Read more about Sussex Personal Trainer spills the beans on diet pills