Tarring Personal Fitness Trainer warns… “Belly’s gonna getcha…”

Just you keep running!

Running has been described as many things. Liberating. Enlightening. Novocaine for the soul.

(Alright, that last one not so much…)

Hallucinogenic isn’t usually one of those descriptions, though. But when you’re well into your run and the going gets tough, it’s not unusual to let your mind wander to get you to your next mental checkpoint.

Picturing the ice cold smoothie you have waiting for you at the end of the run, or that the sweaty bloke puffing along next to you is actually Yvonne Strahotski in hot pants…

No? Just me that one?

Now, I personally don’t recommend running for exercise unless you’re training for an event that requires it. For many overweight people it will do more harm than good, and I’ve lost count of the personal training clients I’ve had to fix joint problems for from thinking the way to lose weight is to run… and run… and run… and run…

But this ad from a while ago from Reebok I thought was advertising genius! It never failed to raise a smile, and is a great representation of what we’re really all running from.

So continuing my occasional series “Ads That Are Awesome” (I came up with that myself – Ad companies take note, I have a million of them… ) here’s Reeboks “Belly’s gonna getcha” ad:

[youtube video=wHlvKQwZFSI maxw=800 style=”display: block; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;”]

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