Dear Worthing Neighbour,

Hi, my name’s Anthony Punshon of the Indoor Worthing Boot Camp, “Power Living Intensive”. I’m thought of by locals as the top trainer in the town, which is amusing, because if you’d have seen me years ago, you would have laughed if I announced I’d become Sussex’s most in demand personal trainer!

Let me let you in on a little secret. I was out of shape myself. Very out of shape. I know what it’s like to…

  • Look in the mirror and be mortified by what was looking back
  • Have the opposite sex basically walk through me as though I don’t exist
  • Cover up in loose clothes so no-one would see my measly excuse for a physique
  • Turn down suggestions to go swimming or to the beach, even though I loved both of those things
  • Go shopping for the most uninteresting clothes because I knew I’d look bad in anything anyway

I struggled for my entire teenage years to transform myself into the body the magazines and TV said I had to have.

  • I tried the newest pills and potions
  • Jumped around to workout dvds at home
  • Copied the eating plans of the pros
  • Laboured and grunted to the workouts the pros did

But none of it worked. In reality not only did none of the diets or programmes make me look like a film star, but all that effort left me with debilitating back pain.

After several years, and a “Wake-up call” photo moment, I was desperate for an answer.

So I learned how to create a solution myself. I hit the books what truly works – biomechanics, anatomy, physiology… everything out there to learn the mechanisms of the human body inside and out. I used countless hours and pounds educating myself in how the body works in fine detail.

I hit the trenches, fixed my back pain, and eventually got into a physique I was proud of.

Motivated by my breakthrough, I made up my mind to change careers to become a personal trainer. In fact here’s a couple of the people I’ve worked with to conquer their demons and get into excellent shape in record time:


Now, I apply the results of my 20+ years study and hands on experience to my indoor Worthing Boot Camp. I work with local residents to help them lose fat without using fat loss pills or other useless things.

If you enrol on my boot camp, here are a bunch of the benefits you can look forward to from the programme:

  • I’ll never bore you. I will keep things stimulating by producing a different workout every session. Consequently, you’ll never get bored and burn out, which is typical of other gym-goers who perform the same programme repeatedly.
  • I’ll show you how to eat right. Proper nutrition is as key as the time you sweat in the gym. That’s why I’ll provide you complete diet plans that will help accelerate your fat loss without living off rabbit food!
  • I’ll provide you with unrestricted support. Got questions to ask me between classes? Just log onto your VIP members area and you’ll have a way to chat to me and your fellow trainees for support, inspiration, and answers to any queries.

Why not try our Worthing weight loss training FREE to enjoy the difference I can make in your battle to lose the wobbly stuff. There are no risks and obligations to try!

I look forward to seeing you soon,


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Worthing Weight Loss and Fitness Bootcamp

PS. Remember you can try my fat loss programme totally FREE to experience the transformation first hand.

PPS. And keep in mind your results are backed by my 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee! But act fast because my classes fill up rapidly! Click here to grab your free trial today.