Jane“Jane lost 2 stone and 3 dress sizes!”

Over the last 10 years, Jane’s tried practically every famous diet you have heard about in magazines and on television with the promise of making herself magically slim.  She faced the same defeat as others trying to lose weight – it always came back. When a wedding is just around the corner, things changed. Most women use it as motivation to adapt a healthier lifestyle, with an extra bonus of looking stunning in that white dress; Jane was one of these women. After searching for answers through internet searches, she came across Worthing Personal Trainers PW Physique and Fitness and never looked back.

Since joining she has lost 2 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes, and even participated in the Brighton Half Marathon! To finally lose weight, Jane credits the friendships he built at Bootcamp that constantly inspire and motivate her to achieve her fitness goals.

“Lindsey lost 4 stone and 13 inches from her waist!”

Lindsey is a mum of two, and having young kids, sometimes they’d ask, “Mummy, is there a baby in your tummy?” She would think nothing of the comment, but deep down Lindsey knew she was overweight. Was it really that bad? We all ask ourselves this question.

After a family holiday, Lindsey soon realised that she had lost control of her weight. The family were spending a sunny day at the beach and Lindsey’s partner unknowingly took a picture of her, and to Lindsey’s surprise, she suddenly found herself agreeing with her kids: she did look as if she was expecting again!  That picture though turned her life around. Lindsey knew it was time to take control over her body, and that picture and her children were her motivation.

Whenever someone steps on the scales for the first time, it can be intimidating.  When Lindsey did this for the first time after calling in fitness trainer Anthony Punshon, he was right beside her with a positive attitude and mission to help her – “we can do this!” he said!

With consistent exercise and healthier food choices, she lost her first stone quickly, and has continued to lose weight steadily and safely. Lindsey lost 4 stone, 13 inches off her waist, and had dropped a massive 5 dress sizes!

Lindsey is no longer the woman in that picture that changed her life; she’s confident, knowledgeable about diet and fitness, and is living life freely and without regret.

“Kevin listened and now has lost over 5 stone!”

Kevin was 18st 8lbs, none of his clothes fit, and he was using an elastic band to keep his trousers up! He watched his weight go up over the years, but once it reached a certain point, he just gave up worrying about it, and also was gradually losing his ability to do his favourite sport, windsurfing due to his weight problem. It was time for a change.

After seeing his disappointment and his personality change, his wife signed him up with PW Physique and Fitness, and in the first week he lost a massive 9lbs! This really spurred him on, and Kevin kept pushing forward, actively losing an average of 2lbs per week, but most of all gained a real appreciation for nutrition and fitness.

Kevin adapted well to the simple training routines and meal plans – no calorie counting, no yelling, and only positivity in reaching his goals. Kevin is an excellent client, when asked how he achieved such a dramatic weight loss, he simply replies, “I just did what Anthony told me”. As a result he has lost over 5 stone!

The relationship between Kevin and his wife is much stronger now, and not only can he go windsurfing again, but he found a new love of biking! Because he took action in controlling his weight, he’s increased his happiness towards life immeasurably.

“Nicole lost over 2 stone and changed her life!”

Imagine your partner says, “Honey, you have put on a bit of weight.” This happened to Nicole. When her boyfriend uttered those words, on the one hand it was devastating! Who wants to hear that from the person you love?

On the other hand though, it motivated her to do something. In fact what was a negative experience, Nicole now credits her entire life transformation to.

After embarking on a new career in Worthing, Nicole saw an advertisement for PW’s Weight Loss Bootcamp, and she immediately went to the facility to sign up. She was hesitant at first, but after trying it out, she went straight to work on her weight loss goals!

Just a few short months later, after losing 2 stone of body fat, Nicole went into a designer store and for the first time in a long time, bought dresses in a size 8 – fitting into these was a dream that had become a reality for her! As most women know shopping for clothes can be a real nightmare, but not for Nicole. It’s always fun when you’re shopping because your old clothes are too big!

Nicole enjoys the PW Physique and Fitness atmosphere; it is one of encouragement and teamwork – you feel welcome, inspired, and gain friends for life. Developing positive relationships is easy, and the laughter fills the room and motivates members to train harder and have fun while doing it.

Nicole often looks at her before photos, and she has promised herself never to go back to that woman again. After her weight loss, she has a new mindset and she thinks about exercise and food in a positive way. The entire process has transformed her life for the better, she feels like a new woman and you can see it through the smile across her face.

Most importantly, Nicole is full of confidence and happiness.