PW Transformation Challenge: Terms and Conditions

  1. PW Physique and Fitness and Anthony Punshon will process the data provided as part of your challenge entry and any subsequent membership in accordance to our Data Policy which can be found here:
  2. Conditions of entry: All in-studio challenge participants need to complete a health questionnaire/ physical activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ) and all challengers need to pay PW Physique and Fitness all associated fees specified.
  3. To be entered into the competition, you must also complete the following:
    • Registration form
    • Before and after weight and circumference measurements
    • Before and after photos
    • Exit questionnaire
    • Consent for use of name, before and after photos, weights, measurements, and your story in future marketing
  4. Challenge winners are not judged on a single criteria, they are judged on all of the following areas combined:
    • Dedication: We use a point system for accountability, and a check-in kiosk at the studio to track in-studio challenger’s attendance
    • Measurements: Weight and circumference measurements are to be taken at the start and end (and optionally in the middle) of the challenge
    • Visual transformation: Before and after photos taken within 4 days of the challenge beginning and end dates are used to track progress at the beginning and end of the challenge
    • Inner transformation: Challengers have an exit questionnaire where they’ll discuss how their life has changed as a result of their new healthy habits
  5. If you chose not to take part in the competition aspect of the challenge (detailed in the bullets above), you will still be provided with all of the resources, training, and support and guidance as advertised.
  6. Winner will be chosen by the PW Physique and Fitness management and their decision is final.
  7. You can find details of the challenge prize on our website at
  8. Prize is non-transferable, and not exchangeable for cash.
  9. Entry into the challenge provides you with the following:
    • Up to 3-times per week access to our Metabolic Xcelerator in-studio workout timetable and unlimited access to our LIVE Zoom workout timetable
    • Access to our Member’s Inner Circle website which includes meal plans, recipes, on-demand workout videos, and other resources
    • Access to our Member’s Inner Circle Facebook group and individual team’s Facebook group
    • Coaching from our Elite Trainers
    • Body Composition analysis and before and after photos