First off, this is long… But if you fall under either “Web developer”, “Graphic Designer” or “Printer”, then this is for you!

Seeing the wealth of talent in the Mumpreneurs first hand, not just at meetings but since a bunch of you lot train with me too, I figure it’s worth a shot.

I put out an online lifestyle magazine for the community. It’s free for everyone, comes out quarterly, and a bunch of Mumps are involved already either as editors, contributors, or in some other way.

You can check out the latest issue here:

To take it further, I need some people to get involved. Let’s start with what I can offer you:

For those who haven’t met me yet, I run Power Living Intensive, which is a body transformation bootcamp. I train everyone from mums to models. I can get you in a size 8 dress, or I can get you in model shape. Before I moved out of London I used to work as a Body Transformation Expert for the magazines, so I’ve just moved the skills down here and opened them up to a wider audience!

If you can get involved in any of the capacities listed below, in return, I’m happy to give you unlimited access to my body transformation bootcamp. You can check out details here:

If you’re a figures person (first rule of business – Know your numbers!), so you can work out if it’s worth your while, training at my bootcamp is £147 per month, and there’s 5 magazines per year (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct, Dec), so from a monetary point of view, it would work out at £352 per magazine, and as long as you’re involved with the magazine, you can consider your membership paid for.

You’ll also get a full A4 ad in the magazine plus credits where appropriate.

So here’s what I need…


Graphic Designer:

We managed to get a graphic designer in for the Summer issue this year who gave the magazine a complete overhaul. You can see the issue she did for us here:

She got an amazing new job up inLondon, so unfortunately had to leave us after that one issue!

We’ve got a great, unique look that I’m really pleased with now though. Fonts, colours, even basic layouts of some sections have already been sorted so a lot of the work’s been done. Knowing that I now do the design and layout, and as a designer I can assure you, I’m an awesome fitness trainer, she’s even produced a design guide which she sorted out for me so a non-designer (read: dummy – i.e. me) can even get by.

What we basically need now from a graphic design point of view is someone who has an eye for layout who can produce some articles for us.

You don’t have to do the cover, our other designer kindly still does that for us.


Web developer:

The next step for the magazine is to get it mobile. Currently it runs on Flash, so immediately rules out Apple devices, and although will run on all other portable devices, still isn’t perfect!

I need to talk to someone who knows about how I would make this more mobile and tablet friendly while still preserving the magazine feel, and (hopefully) preserving some of the customisation features we have for businesses.



We’re constantly being asked to produce printed copies, and later on we plan to distribute on a very wide scale across Sussex. Right now though, we’re looking at short runs of around 100 mags that the people involved can use to give to clients, and that we can put in places like doctors/dentists/etc. where one issue will get a lot of reads.

There are certain customisation issues, but if you think it’s something you can get involved in, PM me and I’ll give you the full spec.

I understand printing comes with physical costs (ink, paper, etc.) so don’t expect free printing (assuming it doesn’t come in under £352 per issue, obviously), but if you’re able to print a short run 5 times per year, I’d love to hear from you and what you can do for us cost wise.


If you can get involved on any of those levels, PM me so we can chat.

Also, I warned you it was long… 🙂

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