Do you have crabs?

Do you have crabs?

Ha ha! That got your attention!

But on a serious note, I bet you do have crabs. Don’t book yourself into a clinic just yet though, bear with me a second…

Imagine this for a minute. You’re holidaying in the Caribbean. The world seems to be wrapped in a rich, azure bubble. Your factor 50 sunscreen is fighting like a Gladiator against the tropical heat bouncing off your sizzling British skin.

With all your worries and cares 6000 miles away, you glide weightless along the cobbled stones of an old fishing town. Perched at the water’s edge, a fisherman dangles a wooden cage from a piece of old rope into the water. Beside him sits a bucket, crammed almost to bursting with crabs.

“Funny”, you think, “That bucket has no lid. Why don’t the crabs just climb out and make a bid for freedom?”

Puzzled, you kneel down beside the fisherman and pose that very question.

“It’s simple”, replies the fisherman. “If they work together, the crabs could easily climb out of the bucket.”

“But I don’t need to worry. Crabs are selfish. If one tries to escape the bucket, the others just pull him back down.”

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Be prepared – Not just for boy scouts…

Be prepared – Not just for boy scouts…

When I was a wee young lad, I was in the cub scouts. I didn’t get to go to big boy scouts because when it was time to move up I had the choice of either going to proper scouts or having drum lessons. I wasn’t allowed both… music lessons aren’t cheap you know!

As it happens, I wanted to be like this guy…

True, I was about 10 or something, but if I’m honest, given the choice again today, I’d probably still choose Animal! (How cool is he, though? Too cool for school, that how cool.)

There was a great lesson I learned in the cubs though, and that’s to be prepared.

I bang on about planning and preparation a lot. When I give my West Sussex Personal Training clients their accountability log, it has two columns. One for your meal plan, and one for your actual food eaten. You can download your own copy here, by the way:

Worthing Weight Loss Eating Log

There’s a great saying. The 5 “P”s (or 6 “P”s as I usually tell it, but this is a PG rated blog…): Read more about Be prepared – Not just for boy scouts…