Back To School Challenge 2019 – Results

Back To School Challenge 2019 – Results

So another epic PW challenge has come to a close! Here’s our top 5 transformations…

First up in our ‘no particular order’ top 5 is…

Christine Griffin!!!!!

Representing Team Mercury, Christine totally smashed this dropping over half a stone of fat, a whopping 3% body fat, 1 and a half inches from his waist and an inch off her hips in just 6 weeks!!Let’s be honest, Christine needs no introduction. She’s a beautiful example of positivity, motivation, and support. If I could clone her and make enough tiny Christines to carry around in our pockets, the world would be a much better place.So after seeing this transformation, she’s the perfect person to start this countdown!

Christine said: “I kept coming to the studio to workout. I kept connecting with my fellow challengers and the elite trainers. I kept looking at my photo from last year wearing the trousers that I want to fit!My biggest obstacle was the crabs around me but I spent time with the pw family to spur me on.I now feel much more alive mentally. Less fog brain! I have set myself another 6 weeks to stay focused and lose more fat to reduce the red part of the pie chart. I have an orange dress that needs me to be lean and strong in order to look my best in the dress.”

*High Five*!

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Sexy Summer Slimdown 2019 – Results

Sexy Summer Slimdown 2019 – Results

So another epic PW challenge has come to a close! Here’s our top 7 transformations…

Why 7? Well, it was supposed to be top 5, but there were just so many great ones, we couldn’t stop ourselves!

First up in our no-particular-order top 4 is…

Karen Bradshaw!!!!!

Karen from Team Max killed this challenge dropping 7lbs of fat in just 6 weeks!!

Karen’s been part of the PW family for over a year now, dropping nearly 2 stone and 4 inches off her waist, and she knows as well as anyone, that the closer you get to your goal, the harder you have to work for it.

Once the honeymoon’s over, you need to double-down, and that’s exactly what she did for this challenge.

She just went completely tunnel-vision and, like I said, totally killed it!

She said: “I am quite amazed how different I feel! I have so much more energy!”

“I really listened to my body and as well as our the oracle (Anthony) I felt so much better when focused, it just spurred me on to keep focused.”

“I think the most difficult Was when I was away for weekends training (studying) watching everyone have cake and sandwiches and chocolate, gin and tonics, meal out in Saturday night. That was so hard! I would normally have a weekend of stuffing my face making excuses saying oh it’s so stressful and I need all ‘This’ to keep me going.RUBBISH! It was an excuse!I just prepped up the day before. Packed up my little lunch bag with healthy stuff and actually felt better for it! My water bottle was my best friend in class”

“My energy levels are so much better and my joints don’t ache. My body shape has changed. My clothes actually fit better which makes me feel so much more confident”

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