How to Get the Body, Fitness, and Confidence You Deserve While Having an Absolute Blast and Kicking Serious Arse Doing It

I was sitting in a local coffee shop with a few of my friends, upstairs where I normally sit because there’s a great view of the town and the sea. Plus you can sit back in their leather sofas up there, chill out chatting the afternoon away, or if you’re on your own watch the world go by while doing some work.

This time started out no different. I was sat in the corner, creaking the leather every time I adjusted position, chuckling to myself because sometimes it sounded rude (I may be in my 30s, but that never gets old…) and a few of my friends had come and gone leaving just me and two others, my friends and clients Mechelle and Nicole.

This wasn’t a normal time for us though. A few weeks ago three of my clients had made a massive commitment to run 13 marathons back-to-back in 13 days making their way up from London to Scotland.

Yeah, you read that right, 400 odd miles by their own two feet. And this wasn’t a relay either, all three of them were doing this together. 400 miles each.

By this point, there was a whole team of supporters behind the project, and we were talking about the run and the various money raising projects that would be attached. A run like this, although an amazing accomplishment, isn’t cheap! Before the charity make any money, there’s hotel bills, travel for the support team, clothes and kit… The list never ends!

It was lunchtime and the smell of coffee and hit of caffeine may have affected a few more decisions!

So, Nicole then suggests we do a calendar – but not just any calendar. Oh no! We’re British, and what do British people do to raise money for charity?

Yes that’s a flowery shower cap, and yes can’t unsee it. Mwahahahahaaa…

Well, I’m sure if you have seen Calendar Girls, you’ll be aware of the concept.

Now, Nicole had been a client for a while, dropped two stone of fat and was in killer shape. But one thing I didn’t mention was that she’s a professional life model, so this would be a completely natural suggestion to her.

Not to me though! Naked photos? Er…

Ah what the hell. It’s for charity!

Martin, Pat, and Mark, the three awesome guys who took on this amazing challenge between them had lost around 9 stone of body fat before deciding to take this on. It’s what had sparked their new found passion for being at the peak of physical fitness.

Fortunately though, while training with me at my Personal Training studio to lose that excess, that weight loss also came with a whole bunch of new friends willing to do other crazy stunts at the drop of a hat, and the whole thing went ahead!

We basically had 4 weeks between chatting about it and standing in front of the paper backdrop in, well, not a lot!

Now for me, particularly given what I do, it’s very important I’m in the best shape I can be anyway. But when you’re being photographed stripped down to the bare essentials, I used that month to take my physique to the next level and I made damn sure when that date rolled around I’d stripped just as much fat running up to the day as I did clothes in front of the camera!

I know how to do that now after developing my Fast-Track Fat Loss Formula, but it wasn’t always that way.

I realise of course, after all that I’ve not introduced myself, so let me circle around.

Hi there! 🙂 I’m Anthony Punshon, and I own and run PW Physique and Fitness here in Worthing, West Sussex.

But I wasn’t always in shape.

I’ve been horribly skinny, I’ve been embarrassingly fat, and I’ve been everything in between.

Ever since I was a teenager my body had been an experimentation ground to find out the quickest, most effective ways to get into shape.

20 odd years later, I’ve personally helped hundreds of people drop thousands of pounds of fat, been published in more local and national publications I can count, and authored four books.

You may have read one of my weight loss publications or seen me in a magazine such as Men’s Health taking readers through one of the physique transformation challenges which built my reputation as the “Body Transformation Expert”.


For the years that I’ve been writing for magazines, I’ve had to adhere to strict word counts and have articles heavily edited and often watered down to pander to the advertisers.

That’s why I started this blog.

So I have none of those restrictions. I can give you all the latest weight loss and fitness secrets with no editing, no censorship, and no interference!

I can tell it exactly like it is.

And every now and then I might even give you a peak behind the curtain at what really makes me tick, so you can share some of the dark times as well as the happy times. 🙂

Although I earned my stripes in the trenches training people like you, I still love to write.

I always have.

I have a personal goal to help over 1,000,000 people transform their lives and live a happy, healthy lifestyle directly and indirectly.

You see, every time someone turns their life around, there’s a knock-on effect on the people around them. Their family often improves their lifestyle. Their friends start to notice their results and how much happier and awesome their life is and want to adopt a healthier lifestyle themselves.

And so it goes on. Like the butterfly effect.

A butterfly flaps its wings, and the tiny disturbance in currents can cause a hurricane further down the line.

This blog is my butterfly.

It’s my way of not just helping the people in my immediate vicinity, but causing a ripple.

Hopefully that ripple can eventually become a hurricane.

Talk soon,


Anthony Punshon
Body Transformation Expert