5 Ways To Develop A Positive Weight Loss Mindset

A positive weight loss mindset is a great asset that will significantly improve your chances of long term weight loss success. But like most things, it’s not just something you’re born with or wake up with every day. Like any muscle, if you want to develop it, you need to work on it regularly.

Here’s 5 effective tricks you can use to get that ‘brain training’ off to a kick-arse start.

1 – Be Specific

Specific weight loss goals give you something to look forward to and stay positive about. Without them, it’s almost impossible to maintain a positive mindset as you move forward on your weight loss journey.

To create specific weight loss goals, first decide exactly how much weight you want to lose. Then decide what time frame you want to lose this weight within. So instead of simply deciding you want to lose weight, which is a bit fluffy, decide exactly how much weight you want to lose in the next week, month and year, then write it down.

When creating specific weight loss goals, it’s also important that you don’t make them unattainable. Doing this will have the opposite effect, leading to self-doubt which then creates a negative mindset. If you set a reasonable target such as losing 2 pounds each week via a healthy, calorie controlled diet and regular exercise, you are much more likely to meet your goals. This success creates a snowball effect that will then start to foster a positive mindset, which will then get reinforced every time you achieve it, which will then lead to even more weight loss successes in the future.

2 – Believe In Yourself

If you’ve learned nothing else from Disney movies, it should be this.

If you don’t fully believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your weight loss goals, it’s impossible to develop a positive weight loss mindset. To stay positive on your weight loss journey, you need to be 100% confident that you’ll achieve your ideal weight.

If you currently lack confidence in your ability to lose weight, look at all the small successes you’ve had up to now. Remember the snowball?

These examples are proof that you can lose weight and by focusing on them, you can strengthen your belief in yourself and your weight loss abilities. Once you have developed this confidence, you’ll find that maintaining a positive weight loss mindset is much easier.

3 – Create A Weight Loss Mantra

Self-talk governs your everyday life. If you are constantly berating yourself and putting yourself down for mistakes you have made or goals you have not reached, you will develop a negative mindset and find it very difficult to see any positives, even when you enjoy success. However, if you practice encouraging yourself, you’ll find that it becomes very easy to stay positive on your weight loss journey.

Pro-tip: To ensure that your self-talk remains positive, find a famous weight loss quote that inspires you as soon as you hear it. Then repeat it to yourself regularly throughout the day until it becomes the thought that drives you.

4 – Find Your Weight Loss Inspiration

Everyone has at least 1 reason why they want to lose weight. This reason is your primary motivating factor and can help drive you toward your weight loss goals. To find your weight loss inspiration, ask yourself the following questions:

– Why do I want to lose weight? Like really why. Don’t be scared to dig here!
– What are the benefits to me of being healthy and looking slimmer?

Once you have the answers to these questions, use them as your core weight loss inspiration. You can also focus on them every time negativity makes its way into your mind and it will quickly do a runner.

5 – Visualise Your Perfect Body

Visualisation is a powerful technique that can help you achieve a range of goals. It’s not just hippy nonsense, this is solid science!

One study actually took athletes and divided them into 4 groups, with one devoting 100% of their training time to physical training, and another devoting 75% of that time to visualisation with just the other 25% to physical training. Out of the 4 groups, the one that spent 3/4 of their time visualising performed the best physically.

By taking 5 minutes each day to imagine how you will look and feel when you reach your ideal weight, you’ll instantly feel more positive and uplifted. Over time, this daily practice will help you feel much happier and more positive as you lose weight.

Don’t get me wrong, maintaining a positive attitude as you try to lose weight isn’t a walk in the park, and can be very difficult without the right approach. However, by following these 5 top tips, you’ll find that staying positive on your weight loss journey becomes a much easier and, dare I say, enjoyable task! So make sure you implement all 5 of these tips daily to cultivate a strong positive weight loss mindset.

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