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Transform Your Life With Our 2020 Rewind Challenge
  • 28 Days of Lockdown-Proof Unlimited Training Sessions - Attend up to 3 in-studio training sessions every week, or join us online for unlimited sessions where all workouts are streamed live. We also provide on-demand do-along workouts in your Member Portal so you can literally work out wherever, whenever, even if we end up in lockdown again!
  • Complete Meal Plans and Personalised Nutrition Coaching - These plans will help supercharge your results and are delivered to you virtually through our state of the art Member Portal!
  • Body Composition Analysis - Complete body composition test that gives us all the information needed to ensure your success. 
  • The Worthing Area's Most Incredible Fitness Community! 
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Start Date: 26th October
End Date: 23rd November
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Why PW Physique and Fitness? 
This is the place people go to transform their life.
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Change Your Body And Life For Good. 
We help people change their bodies and lives. And we want to help you!
When you belong to PW Physique and Fitness, you aren't joining a gym... you are joining a results driven FITNESS FAMILY that is proven to transform your life and your body.  Every training session is led by one of our expert coaches who will work with you to achieve your personal goals and will support you every step of the way!

We know you'll have questions when you are here... from nutrition, to training, to everything in between. That's totally cool with us and we are with you every step of the way. Our life's mission is to help you so anything you need... ask away. 

Our programmes are specifically targeted to help you burn fat, get stronger and become more confident. When you start training here at PW Physique and Fitness, you won't want to leave. 

What sets us apart from joining a gym is that your progress is measurable. Not only will you see changes in how your clothes fit and see the scale move, but you will see your strength and fitness go up fast. Don't be surprised if you do things in here you never though you'd be able to do before! 

What's the point of transforming your body if you can't have fun and enjoy yourself?! We work hard here at PW Physique and Fitness and chances are you'll get more work done in an 30 minutes here than an hour or more anywhere else. But we also want you to have tonnes of fun and become a rockstar in the process!
Nicola lost 2 and a half stone and wore a skirt for the first time in 15 years!
"I’m 43, married with 2 tweens and working full-time in London which means I’m usually on a train at 6 something in the morning and not back home until 7pm or beyond… So when I saw a weight loss boot camp that I could actually make the 5.45 workout and still get to work before 9am I went for it!

I have now dropped 3 dress sizes, 2 and a half stone of weight, and worn a skirt at work for the first time in 15 years, (I kid you not)! My family and friends have all been inspired to get fitter and I actually have something that I genuinely enjoy doing in my spare time – and I am looking forward to hitting the beach this year without worrying how I look!" – Nicola H.
Val lost over 40lbs – and ‘it wasn’t as hard as I thought’!
"Since getting married, admittedly I wasn’t living on crisps and chocolate, but I was eating too much. I had tried and failed losing weight before, mostly through starving myself, or meal replacement shakes that often contained as much sugars as a chocolate bar! 

My mind was set, I was ready to do something about “it”, and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it might be! There’s a real community and family feel, and we all seem to be rooting for each other. Come along, you’ll be in good company!" – Val G.
Serena lost a stone and caught the exercise bug!
"I can honestly say you have really helped me turn my life around with regards to health and fitness. I now have a much better understanding of food… It makes perfect sense and the best bit is IT WORKS! I feel fit, motivated, and hand on heart love LOVE exercise!

It’s all rubbed off on the Hubby too, he’s shifted 16lbs since July, eating what I give him and is now out of the diabetic danger zone! You deserve a gold medal for the hard work you put in to your classes and well-being of your clients!" – Serena S.
Angie lost 17lbs and inspired her teenage daughter!
"I started to battle with my weight in my thirties. Before that I was slim and could eat what I wanted… Which was the problem! When I started to pile on the pounds I didn’t know where to start. So the pounds continued to creep on, and although I accepted this was happening, I wasn’t happy!

Not only did I get down to my target weight, but I am still there over one year on and feel like I have finally found the solution to losing weight and keeping in better shape… And buying clothes that fit!" – Angie S.
PW Physique and Fitness
Dedicated To You and Our Community!
Join the Challenge Now and Save!
Was £167 Now £127 or £97 each if joining with a friend!
Hurry! This Special Offer Ends Soon! We Only Have 8 Spaces Available!
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