Back To School Challenge 2019 – Results

So another epic PW challenge has come to a close! Here’s our top 5 transformations…

First up in our ‘no particular order’ top 5 is…

Christine Griffin!!!!!

Representing Team Mercury, Christine totally smashed this dropping over half a stone of fat, a whopping 3% body fat, 1 and a half inches from his waist and an inch off her hips in just 6 weeks!!Let’s be honest, Christine needs no introduction. She’s a beautiful example of positivity, motivation, and support. If I could clone her and make enough tiny Christines to carry around in our pockets, the world would be a much better place.So after seeing this transformation, she’s the perfect person to start this countdown!

Christine said: “I kept coming to the studio to workout. I kept connecting with my fellow challengers and the elite trainers. I kept looking at my photo from last year wearing the trousers that I want to fit!My biggest obstacle was the crabs around me but I spent time with the pw family to spur me on.I now feel much more alive mentally. Less fog brain! I have set myself another 6 weeks to stay focused and lose more fat to reduce the red part of the pie chart. I have an orange dress that needs me to be lean and strong in order to look my best in the dress.”

*High Five*!

Second up in our ‘no particular order’ top 5 is…

Stacy Bradford!!!!!

Representing Team Prince, Stacy smashed this challenge dropping 8 pounds of fat and 3 inches off her waist in just 6 weeks!I’m super-proud of Stacy because she had a huge mental shift in this challenge. She knew what she wanted and she just had utter, non-stop determination, even in the face of a stressful situation at home to get it!

Stacy said: “I feel fantastic! Working out in the mornings can be hard, especially when it is still dark, but when the alarm goes off I am keen to get up and get my workout done. I was struggling before the challenge, but now I have more energy. I haven’t pressed snooze and missed a workout all challenge. My jean’s are looser and I have really noticed a difference in the shape of my upper body… I can even manage press ups on my toes at last!!!Planning was the key and reminding myself that I was doing this for me. I have worked hard, made changes and been realistic. I took it one week at a time and wasn’t just thinking about the end date. If I was having a tough day I didn’t just have a blow out and eat what I liked, instead I did compromise and have something that would help those cravings, but within set limits and kept to my daily goals. It was this that helped me stay on track and keep going along with the support of Team Prince and my morning workout crew!

I feel more in control, I am making the choices for me and I feel great. My 2 sons (7 and 10) know I have been doing this challenge. They are really sweet and ask me if I should be having that food on my challenge ( I have tried explaining that I get a cheat meal each week)!! I love that I am showing them how to be healthy and fit and make the right choices. Of course they still love pizza, but they also love their veggies and understand that some foods should just be eaten as a treat!”

Well done Stacy. You’ve really impressed me.

Third up in our ‘no particular order’ top 5 is…

Peter Butler!!!!!

Representing Team Mercury, Pete did fantastically dropping 11 pounds of fat and nearly 3 inches off her waist in just 6 weeks!

Brought in by his awesome wife Su, out of everyone, I think Peter was the most sceptical about the whole thing! He even said his biggest obstacle was his own reluctance to go to gyms and follow a regular routine.

But the thing that impressed me most was that he kept an open mind, and (I think) even surprised himself with what he achieved!

He’s been nothing short of amazing this whole challenge. He’s been there at 5.45am, almost (if not completely) without fail. He had physical limitations he was worried about at the beginning, but has followed our recommendations for alternatives and adjustments in the studio, and just totally smashed this challenge.

Peter said he got through the challenge, though, by making statements of his goals, and keeping to his word! As a result of the challenge, he’s started working less, and is mentally in a better place and less tired.

So good!

Fourth up, and last spotlight before we find out the challenge grand champion in our ‘no particular order’ top 5 is…

Caroline Burness Smith!!!!!

Representing Team Mercury, Caroline walked all over this challenge dropping 7 pounds of fat and over an inch off her waist and hips in just 6 weeks!

Caroline had a solid goal of a Christmas holiday in Thailand to keep her going through this challenge, visualising how she wanted to look for it, and looking at her photos alone, it’s safe to say it paid off BIG!

Caroline said she’s much happier in her body now, and her biggest obstacle was “Getting my head around the nutrition side of things and making sure I was increasing my protein intake – this also included preparing things the night before which I’m not used to doing. And cutting down on snacks.”

Like a boss.

*fanfare* And the winner is!!!

The one you’ve been waiting for. The 2019 Back to School Challenge GRAND CHAMPION, and winner of the overnight stay for her and a friend at Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa is…

Jo Cole!!!!

Representing Team Bowie, Jo was incredible! Dropping just under 20 pounds of fat, a massive 9% body fat, 3 and a half inches from her waist, and 4 and a half inches from her hips, Jo has completely transformed her shape in just 6 weeks!

Jo joined the challenge as she came up to her 40th birthday, looking to transform herself inside and out, and coincidentally, today actually is her birthday so she’s probably having the best frikkin’ birthday of her life right now! 😂

At one point early on she was even a bit poorly, but she didn’t use it as an excuse for everything to go to hell, even though she took some days away from the studio to recover, she still stuck to her PW eating plan and it paid off!

Jaw-dropping photos aside, numbers wise her body-fat loss was a full 30% more than the next nearest challenger! :-O Incredible!

Jo said:

“Being ill was a real challenge and meant I couldn’t exercise and just wanted to hibernate and devour carbs! However by this point I had already started to see results which really spurred me on to stay on the eating plan even when I couldn’t work out. Having two children who seem to snack constantly was also challenging as was resisting temptation to finish their dinners (I hate waste!) but I just drank more water if I felt hungry and threw the leftovers away as soon as they were done. Hopefully that habit is broken now.”

“I am feeling more confident and happier in my own skin. I’ve stopped biting my nails which I have always done and been really ashamed of and after 20 years of being a blonde have gone for a drastic new look today – much to the surprise of my family!! 😂”

Well done Jo. You’re nothing short of amazing!