Spotlight Sunday: Nikki Davies! “I have more energy, I am so much fitter, I feel years younger and I have so many clothes I can now wear again!”

Sixteen months ago I decided that the time had come to make a change in my life. I felt stiff, overweight and old. I had noticed PW appearing on Facebook for a few months but I always thought it wasn’t the right time, but this time I took the plunge and signed up for their New Year Revolution challenge. 

I have always hated gyms but PW is different, it’s just special, everyone is so welcoming, Anthony is amazing and the font of all knowledge for everything you need to know as well as being so motivational and encouraging. Jamie, who was one of the elite trainers, is my inspiration having been through the journey himself, but all trainers are superb and are with you every step of the way.

I was very nervous on my first visit but made to feel so welcome and the 30 minute sessions easily fit around my work & family life.

My first four weeks were tough but I still did well and decided to join the PW family. Best decision I ever made! I continued in the studio and also added a personal training session each week which is awesome! 

I remember watching others doing bicycle crunches and thinking “my goodness they’re quick!” Then one day I realised that I was doing them that quick!

I attended as many workshops as I could (which Anthony puts on for members) and learnt so much about nutrition and the way our body works which made it much easier to understand why our bodies work the way they do and what changes needed to be made. It has also taught me that everything you learn needs to be followed though and that consistency is vital to maintain the results.

Two quotes from other members that stick in my mind are from Gail Waller, when I asked her why she was doing a challenge when she was so slim she replied “there is always room from improvement” and the lovely Val Gayes when asked how she had achieved her figure said “I just did everything Anthony told me” – simple!

I have just completed the Bikini Challenge culminating in a complimentary photo session and bubbles! Since joining PW I have dropped 22 pounds of fat, 5 and a quarter inches off my waist, and 4 and a quarter inches off my hips as well as having muscles I never knew were there! 

“Girls just wanna have guns!”

I cannot begin to explain what a positive effect this has had on my life. As well as belonging to the awesome PW family and having made so many new friends, I have more energy, I am so much fitter, I feel years younger and I have so many clothes I can now wear again! 

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