Spotlight Sunday: Krissi Binder! “For the first time since I was a teenager I didn’t need to hide behind a sarong or baggy t-shirts I was proud of my body.”

Like most people I’d spent Christmas over indulging with the mindset that I’d lose it all in January. Trouble is I’d said that for, perhaps, the last 6 Christmases and never lost it in January so year upon year I’d added to my weight.

I’d start a diet lose a few pounds, feel amazing then congratulate myself by “treating” myself to cakes, wine and any other thing I could convince myself I’d earned, thereby undoing all my good work. By the time I’d repeated this cycle twice a year I’d be thoroughly fed up, give up entirely, and hooray it’s Christmas again… I’ll worry about it in January.

This January it was a bit different.

Whilst browsing Facebook to kill the time, because, let’s face it, what else is there to do in January… I’d see my friend Tania pop up checking in at PW Physique and Fitness. My initial reaction was… she’s mad who works out at 5:45am and seems happy about it!! Surely that won’t last!

But day after day I saw these check-ins and I became curious and started asking questions, and all I got was glowing reports of this amazing place with the most amazing trainers and the people that went there.

Six short weeks later she posted her success story and that’s when I realised that this was something I had to try so I got in touch with Anthony and booked my taster session.

Krissi Before

I’ll admit when I first walked in my expectations for success weren’t that high. I mean why would they be? I’d tried every fad-diet known to man from shakes and pills to cabbage soup to slimming world and nothing had worked for me.

I’d also “tried” the gym.

Note the inverted commas as I’m not really sure going to the gym half-heartedly and walking around aimlessly giving a few things a go for short periods of time with no real effort trying!

I knew within minutes of my first PW workout that things were going to be different.

That feeling of belonging hit me nearly as hard as the intensity of the workout. I remember Anthony asking me during my first session when was the last time I’d worked out, and with the small amount of breath I had left hissing forever ago!!

Once I’d recovered it dawned on me that in that short 30 minute workout I’d worked harder than all the hours I’d spent in a gym.

Anthony took all my measurements and sent me and my aching muscles away with a food plan and I was ready to go.

I’ll never forget ringing Tania on the way home saying, ‘and you said it was easy!’ and thinking, ‘she’s off my Christmas card list’! I quickly got myself set up with My Fitness Pal and soon realised where I had been going wrong. I ate pretty healthily I just ate far too much of it and I would conveniently forget all the extra calories contained in sauces, spreads, dressings and drinks and before I knew it I was way over my calories.

Anthony also introduced me to macros and it became clear very quickly that my diet consisted heavily of carbs and fats as I was under the misguided belief that carbs filled me up. Once I’d got to grips with understanding nutrition better it was a revelation. Eating the right things in smaller more regular portions kept me fuller, gave me more energy and even stopped those cravings.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and workout again I felt amazing.

Initially I signed up for a 28 day jump start programme as in my mind I was just losing a few pounds for my holiday nothing more. That was until I saw my body change. Every diet I’d done in the past I’d lost weight if only for a short period but never before had I transformed my shape.

I lost inches off my hips and waist and could feel my stomach become flatter. I knew then that this was going to be long term and before I’d finished the 28 days decided I was going to become a member.

Success is addictive!

I went on holiday feeling amazing lazing round the pool in a bikini and for the first time since I was a teenager I didn’t need to hide behind a sarong or baggy t-shirts I was proud of my body.

Not long after I got back Anthony was running a 6 week summer slim down challenge and anyone that knows me knows I love a challenge so I jumped at the chance to get stuck in and set myself new targets. 3 weeks into the challenge I’d already smashed those targets so decided to embark on the bikini challenge and eat like a fitness model for three weeks and really make some changes.

Krissi after the Bikini programme

I’m not going to lie that was a tough three weeks but one of the best things about PW physique and fitness is the other people that use it. We all call ourselves the PW family and it really is that.

You couldn’t ask for a better support system.

The members and trainers are on hand 24/7 to lend support and advice. I absolutely couldn’t have achieved what I have without the support of those around me. Working with others makes you accountable and that’s so important. It’s easy to hide away and have that one unhealthy snack… no-one will know. But you know. The only person you’re fooling is yourself. Nothing amazing in life comes easily, all great things take hard work but it’s definitely a whole lot easier when you surround yourself with great people.

I’ve always been my biggest critic, show me a photo and I’ll tell you a flaw. My brain was programmed to see the negative in myself. Once Anthony sent out the photo results from the bikini shoot however even I couldn’t not be over the moon with the results. I even commented on one saying, ‘OMG that’s me? I’m so thrilled with what I’ve achieved in such a short time and that I can now be someone to support others in achieving their goals.

Since starting with PW Physique and Fitness about four months ago I have lost an amazing 20lbs and lost 3.5 inches from my waist and 2.5 inches from my hips.

I’ve dropped over a dress size and I’m now a comfortable size 10. I haven’t been this size since I was a teenager!

More importantly I’ve kept it off I can noticeably see the changes in my shape and body and I feel the best I’ve felt in years.

I’m more confident, I’m less tired and have loads more energy. The eating plans are easy to follow, I never feel hungry and don’t feel like I’m going without and now have the knowledge to make sensible choices in relation to my food and health. I even can’t wait to get in the studio and workout. Its been a total life changer.

For me this is just the start of my journey and another target I’ve met. I’m so excited to push myself further and to see all the new great things I can achieve that once never seemed possible.

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