Sexy Summer Slimdown 2019 – Results

So another epic PW challenge has come to a close! Here’s our top 7 transformations…

Why 7? Well, it was supposed to be top 5, but there were just so many great ones, we couldn’t stop ourselves!

First up in our no-particular-order top 4 is…

Karen Bradshaw!!!!!

Karen from Team Max killed this challenge dropping 7lbs of fat in just 6 weeks!!

Karen’s been part of the PW family for over a year now, dropping nearly 2 stone and 4 inches off her waist, and she knows as well as anyone, that the closer you get to your goal, the harder you have to work for it.

Once the honeymoon’s over, you need to double-down, and that’s exactly what she did for this challenge.

She just went completely tunnel-vision and, like I said, totally killed it!

She said: “I am quite amazed how different I feel! I have so much more energy!”

“I really listened to my body and as well as our the oracle (Anthony) I felt so much better when focused, it just spurred me on to keep focused.”

“I think the most difficult Was when I was away for weekends training (studying) watching everyone have cake and sandwiches and chocolate, gin and tonics, meal out in Saturday night. That was so hard! I would normally have a weekend of stuffing my face making excuses saying oh it’s so stressful and I need all ‘This’ to keep me going.RUBBISH! It was an excuse!I just prepped up the day before. Packed up my little lunch bag with healthy stuff and actually felt better for it! My water bottle was my best friend in class”

“My energy levels are so much better and my joints don’t ache. My body shape has changed. My clothes actually fit better which makes me feel so much more confident”

Next up in our no-particular-order top 4 is…

Krissi Binder​!!!!!

Snowballer Krissi kicked all of the arse during this challenge dropping 7lbs fat, and dropping 1 and a half inches from both her hips and her waist in just 6 weeks!!

I’m not gonna lie, I absolutely adore Krissi. Why? Because not only is she one of the most dedicated people I’ve seen, but because she goes so far out of her way every single day to help other people.

Seriously. She would stab herself in the thigh if it helped someone else.

They say you get what you give, and it’s that selfless attitude that’s seen her drop 20 pounds and 3 and a half inches from her waist since she joined the PW family in March.

She said:

“I have so much more energy since starting the challenge. Before I started I’d wake up as the alarm went off…sometimes after a few snoozes…and then sit feeling tired and grumpy with a cup of tea wishing I could go back to bed. The last six weeks I feel I have a new lease of life I’ve been waking at least an hour before my alarm and getting up before everyone else to make the most of my morning and getting stuff done. I no longer want to waste days watching TV we are busy cramming everything in and making the most of every moment.”

“To keep focused I attacked each day one day at a time. All I could focus on is what I could achieve that single day knowing that even small steps would take me a little bit closer to my overall goal. By telling myself I was going to make just this one day count I knew it was achievable and that then passed on a positive attitude to the next day and the next.”

“My life has improved massively. I’m a happier person, my friends and my family comment on it regularly. I have masses more energy and look forward to making plans instead of hiding way. I also have loads more confidence. I’m proud of who I am, what I look like and what I have achieved. People now come to me to ask how I did it and ask me to help and support them which is a lovely feeling being able to pass on the secrets to success.”

Next in our no-particular-order top 4 is…

Kenneth Bedwell!!!!!

Snowballer Ken totally smashed this losing…

Wait for it…

20lbs of fat, dropping just under 4 inches from his waist and gaining 4lbs of muscle in just 6 weeks!!

Like I said, totally smashed it!

Ken has been fantastic. He’s often been first in the car park at 5.45am (often before me!), and really struggled at first. But he kept pushing, kept working at it, and the results are unquestionable.

He said that he feels so much fitter and:

“I have a lot more energy, in the start I struggled to get up for the 5:45 classes however now it’s become routine and so much more easier. I look forward to going to the classes and enjoy how good I feel after.”

“I had the support from my wife, the regular emails from Anthony on a weekly basis, keeping us motivated. The classes as well as the approachability of all the staff to answer questions. I think the quote that has stuck with me from Anthony in email ‘be the best version of yourself’.”

“I’m much happier and more confident. I am much more positive and feel I am making a difference to be able to spend more time with my family.”

I was doing a top 5, but honestly I can’t narrow it down to 5, so I’m going to make it a top 7! Because I can… 😉

So, that in mind… next up in our no-particular-order countdown is…

Liz Chamberlain!!!!!

Liz from Team Max totally smashed this challenge dropping 18lbs of fat, 10% body fat, 3 inches from her waist and 5 inches from her hips in just 6 weeks!! And on top of that she also gained 7lbs of muscle during that time.

Liz is the actual definition of the term Yummy Mummy. Seriously. Look it up in the dictionary. What I love most about Liz is (not just that tummy… 😲) that she just jumped feet-first into everything.

3-weeks into one challenge (lifestyle overhaul), even before we had her half-way results (which totally blew me away!), it was like…

“Hey, who wants to go full-on hardcore and eat like a bikini model for 3 weeks?” “Sure, why not!”

Results come from hard-work, and she’s got plenty of that!

She said:

“I feel amazing! My confidence has really grown and I feel so much more positive about everything. I’ve been doing the 5.45am class to make sure I manage to fit it in and have been getting up in the morning no problem. I’ve found that coming to the early class actually gives me energy for the day ahead – the feeling is addictive!”

“The support from Anthony and the Team and the others in my group is what has got me through the programme. Seeing everyone’s comments and pictures on Facebook has encouraged me and help push me on along with the support I have received from my friends and family. My ultimate focus though has been my end goal of wanting to do really well and achieve what I set out to do – that and the thought of having my picture taken in a bikini ha ha!”

“My life has improved in so many ways – I feel fitter, energised and more positive! My confidence has increased so much and I’ve got the realisation that I really can do this if I put my mind to it. For literally years I have yo-yo’d and just gone round in circles but this time it’s just clicked – through the support of the team and my PW friends, the brilliant classes and the knowledge and education I have gained about nutrition its all slipped into place.”

Next up (and what could now be considered entering a top 3! Oooooooooh…) is…

Lorraine Parkington​!!!!!

Lorraine from Team Max dropped an incredible 22lbs of fat, 5 inches from her waist and 2 inches from her hips in…

Wait for it…

…Only 28 days!!

I’ll give you a second to let that sink in.



OK, we good?

Lorraine’s dropped more fat than I can remember with us for the months she’s been a member of the PW family. At the end of the day, though, you can bang on about numbers on the scale until the cows come home, but the improvements I’ve seen in Lorraine since she started are immeasurable.

When she came to us, she struggled to get up and down to the point we had to heavily modify the workouts for her.

A couple of months back she ran an obstacle race with the rest of Team PW.

Like I said. Immeasurable.

Her in-for-a-penny attitude is, honestly, infectious, and has inspired a lot of people in our family, and probably beyond.

She said:

“My biggest obstacle was self doubt and my natural propensity to compare myself. That has improved but every now and again it creeps in. The PW family, the looking at before and afters, and my family support are how I overcome that.”

On how her life’s improved, she said:

“Self confidence and knowledge that I know I can do this as I have come so far I am definitely determined not to go backwards now”

Top 2 baby!!!

This man here has totally blown me away. He walked in with barely any mobility in his lower body from years of doing awesome mechanical work on awesome ships.

About 8 weeks later, and he’s practically a gazelle!

If legend describes anyone it’s this man here…

Howard Stringer​!!!

Howard was introduced by his wife, Glynis​, who we all already love, and very quickly became a well-loved character in our family too.

Him and his mini-me have absolutely slayed this challenge, dropping 25lbs of fat, and 5 and a half inches from his waist in just 6 weeks!!


He also gained a fantastic 5lbs of muscle!

He said:

“I feel more energised, I am able to walk without too much pain in my knees, although they won’t get better but more muscle will help also less weight to carry about helps so much.”

“At the start of the challenge I made a promise, ‘No Booze”. It’s been a part of my whole life even from when I first started work at sea. I’ve managed to keep that promise throughout. Having seen the dramatic weight loss inspired me to carry on with it.”

“Now I’m able to move so much better, I can walk up and down stairs without the use of the banisters!”

So you want to know who won?

The ***GRAND CHAMPION ***of the 2019 Sexy Summer Slimdown challenge, and soon-to-be owner of the overnight luxury spa-stay for two?

Well, hold onto your hats, because here it comes…



(And ironically, she’s probably on the school run right now so will completely miss this, but…)



Lara Mees​!!!!

Lara from Team Max chewed up this challenge and spit it out! (She didn’t swallow it because, you know, calories…)

Dropping 21lbs of fat, 4 inches from her waist and 2 inches from her hips in just 6 weeks, and also building a figure shaping 7lbs of muscle!

Damn, woman! 😲😲😲

Lara has been utterly dedicated, and not only utterly dedicated, but relentlessly enthusiastic and cheerful the whole time she’s been part of our family! Seriously! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a huge grin on her face!

If she was a My Little Pony, she’d be Pinkie Pie. (If you don’t have a pre-schooler of your own to know what I’m talking about, just trust me on this…)

Bringing her son Speedy (Harry… if you don’t know by now, if one of your kids spends more than 5 minutes in the studio, I’ll have given them a nickname!) to almost every session, she did the ultimate mum-level multi-tasking.

She said:

“I feel amazing! Loads more energy and a totally new outlook on food & exercise. I’ve actually found something that fits into life and I can stick to. I love the workouts and the feeling good after it’s over. I have a whole new lease of life and lots of people are commenting on how well I’ve done which keeps me on the straight & narrow!”

“Being a full time working single parent it’s been tough fitting everting in. It’s been a military operation in terms of organising food, gym kit, childcare, and getting to the sessions I could do. There were only 4 I could do around work and I have managed to do the 4 most weeks. Being prepared is what’s helped me complete the challenge, plus sat morning help from friends & family to watch Harry!”

“I feel more confident which is always good. Happier in myself and feeling more comfortable in my clothes. Feeling fitter is great, noticing i’m able to run around more with Harry without feeling breathless so quickly. It’s not just improved my life but also my family’s.”

You’re so awesome Lara! Have a luxury spa-break on us.