Spotlight Sunday: Debbie Marriott! “I lost 7 inches off my waist and realised PW had become like a family to me!”

When I got married my waist was 22 inches, and I had never worried about what I ate or whether I exercised. Over the next eight years I had four children and was one of those annoying people who went back into jeans very quickly still not having to worry about weight!

As my children got older my husband and I started all-inclusive holidays while the grandparents had the kids and the older they got the longer the holidays got! Once they had grown up and left home the holidays became more regular and that’s when the weight started to creep on. We were all inclusive after all if would be rude not to try and eat and drink everything in sight, right??

Over the next few years I had tried lots of different forms of exercise and was even still involved in amateur dramatics, dancing and singing, but still the weight crept on! I then had painful knees which slowed me down resulting in a replacement knee two years ago. After that I was scared to exercise in case it hurt and also the weight increase was obviously down to my age, going through the menopause and nothing would work right???? Wrong!!!

After lots of nagging from my best friend, she finally persuaded and enticed me with a voucher to try PW physique and fitness… although I was adamant it wouldn’t work even though I had seen she had lost weight through joining in a short space of time. But six weeks is nothing so what did I have to lose?

Nervously I attended my first session and found there were alternative things I could do if my knee hurt and I was able to work out. I found I was hooked from day one and even better at the half way point I had lost 7 pounds and 3 inches off my waist!

The next three weeks flew by and I was amazed at the results… but sadly my six weeks were over.

Debbie picking up her trophy for coming Top-5 in the LBD challenge

The next few weeks I was becoming depressed and miserable and realised I was missing PW physique and fitness which was strange, I mean why would you want to jump out of bed early in the morning and exercise?

So, I joined up and started feeling better almost immediately as I realised apart from anything else PW had become like a family to me and I really enjoyed the sessions so much that it didn’t seem like exercise.

30 minutes flew by and with the support from the trainers my knee was also starting to hurt less and I was starting to feel better about myself again.

I also started to change what I ate. It wasn’t rocket science! I knew the sandwich, crisps, cake, and chocolate bar for lunch wasn’t the best but it was a habit and one I had to break. With encouragement and being accountable with PW I found myself eating much healthier alternatives and have almost lost my sweet tooth.

Seven months on and having recently completed the bikini challenge instead of squeezing into size 16 clothes I am wearing a comfortable size 10 and have lost 2 and a half stone and 7 inches off my waist!

I regularly get complimented on how much weight I have lost and how well I have done and that’s a real boost to my confidence and encourages me to carry on.

I am now a “fit” nanny to my 6 grandchildren and that’s all thanks to my other family PW physique and Fitness.

The only downside to all this is I had to donate practically all my clothes to charity… but what a great excuse to buy new ones! ?

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