Spotlight Sunday – Sarah Church – “I’ve found the strength I didn’t know I had, inside and out! And the best bit is; I’m not finished yet!”

I’ve just returned from spending my Sunday Morning running around a muddy field, rolling under nets, throwing myself over walls and jumping over obstacles… For fun! Just over a year ago that would have been my idea of hell, but here I am with a smile on my face.

For me there was no lightbulb moment or time when I looked at a photo and it dawned on me how out of shape I was. I actually joined PW physique and fitness on a bit of a whim, I had a holiday looming and as usual I was unhappy with how I looked in a bikini. Not any more!

So there I was, going to Vegas in a few weeks and suddenly an advert flashed up on my Facebook feed… “lose up to 10lbs in two weeks” and I thought to myself ‘why not?’ So I signed up and 14 days later I was 7lbs lighter and my confidence was soaring.

I returned from holiday jumping straight into another challenge and have never looked back. Now I’m one of those people that gets up at 5am (ish) to go to the gym because it feels great and sets me up for the day. I follow the eating plan, allowing myself flexibility when I need to, and 18 months later I have lost (and kept off) 10lbs and reduced my hips and waist by up to 2.5 inches. I often get compliments on my toned physique and it’s great to feel good about myself.

The weight loss is fantastic, but the experience has been about so much more than that.

I would definitely put more emphasis on what I have gained, rather than lost. I’ve gained so much confidence in my body and my abilities that I’m willing to try things I never would have dreamed of before. I’ve gained the strength and energy to tackle challenges head on, over the past year I’ve participated in Tough Mudder and two 10km races for charity, experiences that I only daydreamed about before. I’ve also added more friends to my circle, it certainly helps you to see a smiling face (other than Anthony’s of course) when you’ve dragged your butt out of bed at 5am on a cold, wet day.

After experiencing other gyms I’ve found that (for me) having a trainer overseeing what you’re doing and pushing you to do your best is the best and most effective way to work out.

Thanks to the Anthony and the team at PW fitness I’ve found the strength I didn’t know I had, inside and out! And the best bit is; I’m not finished yet!

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