Spotlight Sunday – Nicola House! “I have worn a skirt at work for the first time in 15 years, and I am looking forward to hitting the beach this year without worrying how I look!”

Unlike a lot of people my defining moment was not so much the outfits getting tighter or a terrible photo but making a snap decision to sign up to an extreme survival challenge and then realising that A/ I am too stubborn to change my mind and admit defeat and B/ I somehow missed the ‘must be very fit’ in the title.

So I found myself committed both financially and mentally to heading to the Arctic in February 2017 and there I was with something I had been missing previously – a target.

A little about me then – I’m 43, married with 2 tweens and working full-time in London which means I’m usually on a train at 6 something in the morning and not back home until 7 or beyond – not the best mix for a fitness regime or always eating healthily. My weekends are equally manic ferrying children in different directions and catching up with the housework – ‘me time’ has always played second fiddle.

So back to the present – I saw a post for a home based 2-month workout and nutrition plan on Anthony’s Facebook page a couple of days after I had signed up to my challenge and thought this might actually work with my lifestyle and decided to take the plunge. At the same time and for the first time ever I started jogging – which has been both a good and bad thing!

Nicola-10KI managed to lose around 1 and a half stone during this challenge but I was too self-conscious to take any photos. I also managed to pick up a couple of quite significant injuries whilst running which put me out of action for a couple of months.

That said I wanted to do more and push myself more so when I saw the chance to do a 6-month physical transformation programme coming into boot camp and that I could actually make the 5.45 class and still get to work before 9 I went for it!

That was in February of this year.

So what happened next in a nutshell has been the best experience I have ever had to achieve my goal to lose weight, get fit and get a cheeky 6 pack if possible! Everyone both at the gym and my family have been massively supportive.

I have now dropped 3 dress sizes to 8-10, a total weight loss of 2 and a half stone, run my first 10k, worn a skirt at work for the first time in 15 years, (I kid you not) and have signed myself up for all sorts of future races, obstacle races and the like, as well as getting ready for the ever approaching Arctic.

I cannot recommend Anthony and PW Fit enough to motivate, support and eradicate those diet myths we have all fallen for over the years. My family and friends have all been inspired to get fitter and I actually have something that I genuinely enjoy doing in my spare time and I am looking forward to hitting the beach this year without worrying how I look!

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