Bootcamp is dead :-(

13321654_1073772549335745_6720899411017857265_nToday’s the day I finally close the doors on Bootcamp.

The decision comes with a heavy heart, but it’s something I’ve been wrestling with for a while.

The truth is, Bootcamp died several years ago, but we powered on with it like a dog with a bone.

You see, “Bootcamp” outside of the military refers to an “Intensive, immersive programme to get results quickly”. So in terms of a fat-loss or transformation camp, that would mean a complete programme of fat-loss specific workouts, eating plans, lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, group support… Like I said, a complete programme.

And that’s what we’ve always done with our Bootcamp.

We’ve never shouted at anyone, talked down to people, or told them to “Move your fat arse” because “That’s what they do in the military”.

But for a few years now, people have been putting on workouts that include a few squats, pushups, and planks, or anything they can use to create a military connection, no matter how tenuous, to piggy back on the term “Bootcamp”.

You can just drop-in to free “Bootcamps” in local parks, or nip down to your local leisure centre and join in a “Bootcamp” workout on an ad-hoc basis.

But of course all of those things are the opposite of what a Bootcamp programme is. An “Intensive, immersive programme to get results quickly”.

Without everything else that makes the programme complete, it’s just a workout.

That’s not what we do.

At the same time, over the years our Bootcamp programme has become even more immersive. Even more complete.

We’ve added more meal plans, more recipes, more workout videos you can do at home, more member workshops, even more resources.

We now have better body composition analysis, more in-depth success sessions, more opportunity for one-on-one nutrition consultations to keep moving forward.

Next week we’ll be rolling out brand new soundtracks that we’ve been working with a music producer to have specially recorded to interact with and become part of our workouts to improve the intensity, and not just be background music.

Although we’ll still be staying firmly embedded in our roots, we’ll also be rolling out a new workout structure that’s been developed to work you harder and get you even better fat loss and body toning results with less time investment.

In fact, in our tests people were now burning over 30% MORE calories while working out for 33% less time!

There’ll be a new timetable that increases our current workout timetable from 18 workout slots to choose from each week to 27-30.

In short, “Bootcamp” as it’s used now is just not descriptive of what we do any more.

So as of Monday 6th June, we’re closing the doors on Bootcamp.

We’re also officially rolling out our Metabolic Xcelerator programme!


Over the last several months I put groups of our members through our new workouts as guinea pigs. They didn’t mind. They’re good sports about it actually!

In fact in my test groups, 100% of the participants said the workouts were more challenging than our regular Bootcamp workouts. 100%!! :-O

They said:

“I felt the exercises we were performing worked more muscle groups at once than the regular boot camp workouts, which means I felt I worked harder. Shorter rest times meant we powered through the exercises quickly but also I felt that I remained pumped up throughout, there were no lulls due to longer breaks. I enjoyed the feeling of being at the top end of the energetic scale throughout the workout.”

“Quicker, more productive, left buzzing, feeling like I’d worked REALLY hard. Shorter format would be so much easier to squeeze into my hectic lifestyle. I’d hope to do more frequent workouts if I knew it wasn’t going to steal a chunk of my time. Don’t delay – start them now… PLEASE!”

And when I was happy with the new workouts, I put myself through the programme to test how well it fared for body transformation. I was actually shocked with what I achieved in just a few short weeks!

So next time someone asks why we don’t run a Bootcamp any more, you can tell them this.

Bootcamp is dead.

RIP Bootcamp, and welcome to the world Metabolic Xcelerator.

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