5 Pancake Recipes That Won’t Expand Your Waistline


If you’ve been a follower for a while, you’ll know here at PW we’re huge pancake fans! They’re a bit of a staple around here, and it’s not just the adults, my one year old Max loves our Speedy Pancake recipe!

Being Pancake Day, the internet is awash with pancake recipes today. So instead of posting another one, I thought I’d do the work for you and round up 5 of the best recipes you can whip up this evening.

Jamie Oliver’s easy healthy pancakes


Love him or hate him, the mockney celeb chef is on a mission to nip obesity in the bud, starting with our kids. That you certainly have to admire! Click here to check out his recipe.

Lexi’s Fluffy Paleo Pancakes


Although we’re not paleo here, if you have an intolerance to certain types of carbohydrate, the paleo guys do have you covered! These are my favourite of the paleo recipes from Lexi’s Kitchen. Click here to check out the recipe.

BBC Good Food’s Dairy Free Pancakes


This recipe from good ol’ Auntie Beeb is a good (and light at 90 cals per serving) alternative for those with a dairy intolerance. Make a quick substitution and you’re good to go! Click here to check out the recipe.

GQ’s Pre-Workout Protein Pancakes

GQ recipe

This higher protein offering from magazine GQ comes with a list of different toppings to suit your goal too! Click here to check out the recipe.

Adeline’s PW Pancakes

English Pancakes

And of course we couldn’t let you go without one of our own! These protein pancakes from PW success story Adeline can be overcooked and stored for the treat that keeps on giving! Click here to check out the recipe.

Make one or all of these pancake variations and you have yourself a pancake party! 🙂

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