Spotlight Sunday – Sharon Sawyer! “I’ve just had my 40th and I’ve lost a total of 52 pounds!”

In May this year I become a proud mum for the second time to my gorgeous baby boy. He arrived by planned caesarean having had little option following the traumatic birth of my beautiful daughter two years ago by emergency caesarean. The first time my poor husband thought he was going to lose me and I honestly felt like I’d been hit by a double decker bus. Thankfully, this time it was so much better and I felt so much more in control of my recovery rather than just surviving the day.

Sharon B+A

Both pregnancies saw me put on over three stone, and I was at my heaviest ever when I gave birth to my son. When I left hospital I thought that the first stone and a half would drop off like it did with my daughter. Alas, no. I lost 12lbs, and that’s where it stayed. I was 14st and I was fat and classed as obese. I had previously lost most of my daughter’s baby weight but had done no exercise and when I went to try on clothes nothing looked good. It was so depressing. And as I was due to turn 40 later that year I knew I had to do something about it.

stripey croppedI had my 6 week check, got the all clear to start dieting and looked for information to do it while continuing to breastfeed my son. I set myself a goal of losing 3 stone by the time I was 40. So I had 19 weeks to achieve this. It was great, I could eat a lot and lose weight and still have my daily bag of crisps and ice cream. But I needed to get fit.

I wanted to find somewhere that would give me the support I need while recovering from my caesarean. I also needed somewhere that I could work round my husbands work and the children.

Having heard of PW Fitness, I met Anthony at a pregnancy and baby fair. I told him what I needed and my goal. He did say I was being aspirational, and I said I could do it. He also said I could bring my son when I went training. Armed with this information I asked my husband to support me going every Saturday morning, my mum if she could babysit occasionally and my young son if he minded watching me train. (He just smiled! 🙂 )

I joined a couple of weeks later, 12 weeks after my caesarean. That first session Nic the trainer was great. I explained my needs and she gave me alternative exercises to ensure not too much pressure was placed on my scar. I was asked to complete a food diary. I decided that first week to eat the same as I had been. Nic reviewed my food diary and although my food wasn’t bad, she suggested some changes to my snacks of crisps and ice cream. I found some alternatives from her advice and with the same calorie intake I lost 4lb that week, not my usual 2lbs!

dress cropped
Sharon looking hot-to-trot in 2011! “My husband’s very pleased I fit back into this dress!”

Planning and internet food shopping were my friends. Even though I barely had time to myself, I made sure I followed the plan of three meals and three snacks a day. When Anthony did a check at 3 and a half weeks I had lost several pounds and the inches were starting to go.

I committed to following an improved eating plan and doing 2-3 boot camps a week. Week by week the weight dropped off and my body shape started to change.

I listened to my body and knew if I was doing too much. Anthony and Nic supported me if I needed to do alternative exercises and actively suggested them to aid my recovery. My son was also such a regular face he became part of my fitness family! And when I haven’t been able to make it, being able to follow the work out videos at home has been invaluable. Seeing the changes on the scales was good, gradually getting back in to some of my old clothes was even better.

And now I’ve just had my 40th and I’ve lost 33lbs since joining in mid August on top of the 19lbs I’d lost before joining, smashing my goal. That’s a total of 52 pounds!

More importantly I am more toned and fitter than I have been in a long time. Some of my old clothes fit better than ever, and my husband treated me to some lovely new clothes for my 40th, mostly size 10, including two pairs of jeggings that have never looked good before. I feel much more body confident and honestly feel fit and fabulous at 40, with my husband loving the confidence I now have!

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