Spotlight Sunday – Angie Smith! “I’m still at my target weight over one year on and feel like I have finally found the solution!”

I only really started to battle with my weight in my thirties. Before that I was slim and could eat pretty much what I wanted… Which was the problem! When I started to pile on the pounds I really didn’t know where to start, I had never really had to watch what I ate. So the pounds continued to creep on, and although I accepted this was happening, I wasn’t happy!

Angie Before and After

I started going to the gym once a week and I took up some body combat and body attack classes which kept me fit but didn’t really seem to be toning the areas I wanted. So I added in Slimming World, but my tummy and bum would not shift! So I just came to accept that this was my ‘grown up shape’ now as I was training enough and eating healthier food.

Then I became pregnant with my second child in 2009 and had Gracie in May 2010. This was my second caesarean and I didn’t breast feed, so it really just looked like my tummy was here to stay! I’ll never forget when one of the girls in the body combat class asked when my baby was due… Er, She was five months old!!

Angie and Gracie
Super-Mum Angie with youngest daughter Gracie! Photo by Abbi Smith Photography.

I carried on with my exercise classes and resigned myself to the fact that this was my body now. Like I said, I was quite unhappy about it. Buying clothes was a chore!

But I still knew I could do better!

In 2013 I kept seeing PW Fitness appearing on my Facebook news feed and one day noticed there was an offer on of a 21 day trial membership for £21. I joined and felt comfortable being there from day one. I went to the 5.45am class expecting it to be fairly quiet, but it was buzzing with laughter and chatter!

Angie NutsIt was emphasised from day 1 that I needed to clean up what I was eating if I was going to get to my goal, but I still hammered on, even upping my workouts to 4 times per week to get this weight off. But still there they were, my tummy and bum, reinforcing once again in my mind that this is my shape now. But Anthony patiently reminded me regularly my eating needed to change, referred me to the eating plans, answered all my regular food questions, and gradually won me around!

That’s when it all fell into place.

Not only did I get down to my target weight, but I am still there over one year on and feel like I have finally found the solution to losing weight and keeping in better shape… And buying clothes that fit!

What’s mind boggling though is that even though I got to my target weight, in the past I’d been a stone lighter, but thanks to the muscle toning of Bootcamp I’m wearing a smaller size now than I was then!

Oh and did I mention I ran an army assault course too?

But that’s not the best bit.

My teenage daughter Abbi one day asked me if she could come with me. I couldn’t believe it! I never thought I could get her there!

Angie Abbie WorkoutComing to the end of her teenage years and watching her go through the same feelings I was as I gained weight was heart wrenching, and suddenly having this opportunity to get her into an environment that encouraged a positive body image and healthy lifestyle was a huge relief for me. Plus we got to work out together so got in extra precious mother-daughter time!

As happy as I am with my new body, that to me is priceless.


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