Weight Loss Meal for a Worthing Valentine

Check out what I made yesterday:

Poached egg on smoked ham, soft cheese (with herbs), and seeded toast, with Hollandaise sauce.

Although this doesn’t have to be for a valentine of course, no matter what the title says (if it is, you’ll be waiting a year to make it now!), but here’s a great meal that you might want to give a try for the following reasons:

  • It tastes awesome
  • It has less than 400 calories (Including the chocolate-berry dessert not in the picture!)
  • It has less than 15g of fat
  • It tastes awesome
  • It has nearly 40g of protein
  • You can cook like a chimp but look like Gordon Ramsey
  • It tastes awesome

All legitinate reasons for getting your pinny on, I’m sure you’ll agree! 🙂

You see eating to lose fat, look awesome, then stay that way doesn’t have to be boring, bland, difficult… Those labels are excuses.

Now understand, I’ve got the cooking talent of a 2×4, and I whipped this up from a simple idea in around 20 minutes. Here’s how it’s done from beginning to end. Note, this video is uncut. Brooms falling over, the missus coming home half way through, and me nearly singing my eyebrows by putting the wrong gas on are all left in.

Just another day in the kitchen…

Again, due props for this meal go to my awesome client Lindsey (who incidentally has ditched over 2 stone of the wobbly stuff, and still going! Seriously. She’s amazing.) for helping me come up with this idea. Without her it would have probably been poached eggs on toast!

Not quite as impressive.

So how did I do? Good enough for a valentine? Only good enough for the dog? Leave a comment below for me.

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